Great Ural Mountains 1995 № 2 "Sosnowski Waltz"

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Special Issue on Sosnovsky district of Chelyabinsk region.

Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

Class students listen to the teacher - different.

Teacher at the blackboard in a classroom reading a statement Ushinskogo the Motherland - LS.

Pupils at a school desk - CU.

View of the field combine harvest - different.

Two men on the field are examined - LS.

View of the field through the branches of a tree - MS. PNRM. River, which is located behind the village - LS.

Tree branches, PNRM. through it, the house of the village - MS.

Rural landscape, creek, geese grazing, hut behind the fence - different.

Grandma tells the camera about education kolkhoz - MS.

A man wearing a cap with a beard - MS.

Geese by the stream - MS.

Country house, in front of him on the bench grandparents - LS.

Harvesting a field harvester truck knocks beets - MS.

Driver of the cab - MS.

Interview K. Kotyagova (district administration head Sosnowski) indoors, sitting at the table - MS.

Harvester in the field, grain poured into the back of a truck - MS.

Meeting in a field next to the harvesters, machines - different.

The farmers - CU.

Harvester in the field, grain poured into the back of a truck - MS. PNRM. for chickens - MS.

Moving conveyor with chickens, workers engaged in sorting conveyor - MS.

Selected chickens in a box - CU.

Chickens in a cage - MS.

Interview M. Lezhneva (president of the company, "Ravis") sits at the table - MS.

Women at the conveyor, production of canned food - different.

PNRM. on the banks of canned ("Chicken in its own juice," "Chicken liver in own juice", "Meat chickens Ham et al.) - CU.

Production of sausages in a smokehouse - different.

Speech amateur, an accordion singing girl in folk costume - MS.

View of the village Pipe cow grazing - LS.

Through the bridge man carries bike - MS.

View of the village across the river - LS.

The game of football, a moment at the gate - MS.

Cow lying in the meadow, playing football in the background - MS.

Cow indoors fed from tray - MS.

Farm workers in white coats - MS.

Hand of woman in bathrobe stroking cow's udder - MS.

Interview Grigorieva (director of "" -name under timecode, Hero of Socialist Labor) in the room - MS.

Machine milking cows - MS.

Automated production of packages for milk - different.

Village houses behind the fence, PNRM. River - MS.

Playground, children on swings and in the sandbox - MS.

Feast in the room, the grandmother of drinking glasses, vodka is drunk tea - different.

Female face - CU.

Interview K. Kotyagova (district administration head Sosnowski) indoors - MS.

The teacher in the classroom at the blackboard - MS.

The person listening to a student - CU.

The paintings of rural life - field crops, pie in the sky, landscapes of nature - different.

PNRM. by woodland - LS.

Freeze M. Lezhneva (president of the company, "Ravis") - the story of his murder - MS.