Great Ural Mountains № 4 Find a son (1995)

Newsreel №4130, 1 part, duration: 0:09:55


Special issue of the war in Chechnya, of Soldiers' Mothers, on the march compassion Moscow - Grozny.

Reel №1

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Funeral wreaths.

A teenager with a portrait in his hands.

The funeral ceremony, the coffin lowered into the grave, standing around family, friends and fellow soldiers who died.

The soldiers fired into the air.

People throw handfuls of earth into the grave.

View of the mosque.

The flag on the building.

Marsh maternal compassion "Moscow - the Terrible", the participants of the march adults and children, as well as Buddhist monks.

Marchers in providing them with the room, people sit on the bed, talking.

TV reporters interviewed.

Orthodox priest in the crowd.

The marchers and local people in the square, the crowd, adults and children.

Orthodox and Muslims pray together.

The march in the streets of Grozny.

The movement of vehicles.

The wall at home.

People go on the road.

Trees in the field.

The fallen pole.

The marchers pass through shattered town.

The priest welcomed the audience sounds of prayer.

Cameraman in the crowd.

Marchers chanting slogans.

Children stand on the windowsill and look at the street.

Praying adults and children.

Marsh is moving down the street.

Broken machines.

Marsh moved on the roads of the country.

On the road, the truck stops.

Traffic jam near the traffic police post.

The building crowded with people.

Military equipment.

People talk with the soldiers, the women cry.

Marchers watching overflying helicopter away.

Negotiations of Soldiers' Mothers of soldiers.

The crews of armored personnel carriers, the soldiers ran to the car.

BTR leaves on the road.

Soldiers do not miss people.

Strengthening in the field.

Members of the media interview.

A column of armored personnel carriers in the field.

The commander speaks to people.

Past flying helicopter.

The soldiers on the hill.

Participants of the march on the road of obstacles.

Fortifications and military equipment along the roadside.

The marchers are sitting on the ground, the soldiers standing around.

Quote from statements E.M.Hemingueya.

Locations: Yekaterinburg [886] The Chechen Republic [756]

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