Step Two (1971)

Documentary №41349, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:53
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Petrov A.


The film tells about the Urengoy exploration expedition, about the search for new gas and oil deposits in the depths of the Far North. We will get to know the members of the expedition, see them at work and on vacation.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Vasily Podshibyakin, the head of the Urengoy expedition, is sitting in the editing room of the film studio.

Podshibyakin is watching a movie.

Podshibyakin and other members of the expedition are sitting in a room, drinking tea.

View of residential trailers through snow and blizzard.

The members of the expedition are in the room drinking tea and eating sandwiches.

Drilling rig.

Workers on watch, working with drilling equipment.

Driller Alexander Anishchenko is in the frame.

Snow-covered plain.

Members of the expedition are working.

Driller's assistant Sergey Menshchikov smokes, looks out the window.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving across the snow-covered plain.

Large - a man in earflaps lights up.

There is a radio on the table, photographs and magazine clippings on the walls of the room.

Large - the face of a man.

Clippings with reproductions of a painting on the wall.

Workers lie on beds in the room, sit at the table, relax, read, smoke, listen to the radio.

Pipes are lying on the ground in the snow.

The head of the expedition sets up communication.

All-terrain vehicles are driving through the snow.

A man harnessing reindeer to a team.

Drilling rig.

Local residents dry deer skins on the ground.

The woman handles the skin with a stick.

Drillers at work.

Engineer-geologist Lev Zhavoronkov with other members of the expedition in the trailer working with documents.

The driller is exploring a new well, the work is led by Zhavoronkov.

Larks in a trailer, with some kind of metal device.

Freeze frames - Zhavoronkov and other members of the expedition, various working moments.

The head of the expedition Podshibyakin is talking on the radio in the trailer room, the members of the expedition are standing next to him.

Large - plate "Ministry of Geology of the RSFSR, Glavtyumengeology, Urengoy oil exploration expedition".

An all-terrain vehicle drags a trailer.

Large - pointer "Crossing the Pur is prohibited."

The all-terrain vehicle is carrying a trailer, it is stalling.

The general plan is that a helicopter lands next to an all-terrain vehicle.

People get out of the helicopter with things, walk along a blurred road.

The helicopter flies away, people sort out things that are not on the ground.

People with things, furniture go through the undergrowth, bring things into the trailer.

A woman on the shore pours water from the river into a bucket.

Collector Lisa walks through the woods.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving through the forest.

A woman plucks a bird.


Melting icicles.

Spring river, with floating pieces of ice and snow.

Members of the expedition are sailing on a boat on the river.

Large - the head of the expedition Podshibyakin.

River boat on the river.

Expedition staff in the hold of the ship.

Large - Alexander Anishchenko.

Anishchenko shaves.

Anishchenko family with children on the street of the village.

Key words

Expedition, drilling rig

Locations: Novy Urengoy [907]

Seasons: Winter [823] Snow [834] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An all-terrain vehicle is working, logs and pipes are lying on the ground.

Workers install drilling equipment.

Close-up - pipes, a helicopter lands in the background.

Workers install drilling equipment.

In the frame is the master driller Nikolai Glebov.

Large - drill.

The window is covered with raindrops.

The expedition members are walking along the river bank.

Glebov and Podshibyakin are talking, checking the equipment.

Trailers, wet tree branches.

Various production works at the drilling station.

In the frame is the collector Lisa.

The drill is working.

Glebov is talking on the radio.

Podshibyakin listens to the radio.

The drill is working - top view.

Drillers at work.

The girl in the trailer, looks out the window, writes a letter.

A drilling rig is visible in the window.

Wildlife footage of the Far North.

Top view - river, trailers.

Photos of Slava Podshibyakin and Sasha Podshibyakin - student interns.

Slava and Sasha get off the plane with their belongings, drive along the road in a truck, walk along the river bank.

Sasha Podshibyakin looks out the window.

Sasha Podshibyakin is on a drilling rig, working on a winch lever.

Large - the drill is working.

Sasha Podshibyakin controls the winch.

Large - the face of Sasha Podshibyakin.

Vasily Podshibyakin is watching a movie in the editing room.

Key words

Expedition, drilling rig

Locations: Novy Urengoy [907]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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