Schumi, waterfall! (1977)

Documentary №41359, 1 part, duration: 0:09:24
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Trifinov


The film takes viewers to highlands where rapid rivers form numerous waterfalls, aurochs live and birds make their nests.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Mountains in the fog.

Rocks, rocks, mountains, clouds can be seen in the distance.

Blue sky with clouds on the background of mountains.

In the distance, a roe deer stands on a rock.

Flowers on the rocks.

Snow in the mountains.

Panorama of the mountains covered with snow.

An avalanche is coming down.

A waterfall flows over the rocks.

View of the mountain lake.

Grotto, waterfall.

Different plans of waterfalls.

A flowering branch on the background of water.

A field with flowers.

Mountain goats.

Panorama of a thicket of shrubs with flowers.

Large - a beetle on a leaf.

A mountain goat is lying in the grass.

Large - ants.

Different plans of waterfalls.

A small bird on a rock.

A bird feeds its chicks in a nest on a rock.

A butterfly and a bird on a stone.

The bird feeds an adult chick on a rock and small chicks in the nest.

Plans with waterfalls and a mountain river.

There is a fish swimming in the clear water.

Mountain lake.

Fish in the water.

A cluster of butterflies.


Fish in the water.

It's raining, washing away the dirt.

Fish in shallow water.

Plans with waterfalls and a mountain river.

Altai, Lake Teletskoye - different plans.

Sunset, birds are flying in the sky.

Waterfall in the mountains.

The general plan is a sunset, birds fly over the surface of the water.

Lake Teletskoye, mountains.

Birds by the water, mating games.

Waterfall in the mountains, around the forest.

The bird is bathing in the water.

A cluster of butterflies on the shore.

Bird nests with eggs.

Seagulls by the water, in the thickets of grass.

Large - a nest with eggs, in one a chick begins to hatch.

Seagulls on the water.

Large - nest, hatched chick.

Mountain waterfall, rock.

Large - borscht.


Large pink translucent crystals.

Mountain waterfall.


Large - a stream of water, splashes.

Key words


Locations: Altai

Seasons: Summer [824]

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