The Russians 1995 № 4 Return to Me

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Artist D.Dugarov discusses the Indo-Tibetan, Mongolian and Buryat art, history and culture of the Buryat people.

Reel №1

Buddhist monks are on the territory of the datsan.

People touch the ritual bells.

The monks in the courtyard of the datsan.

People go to work.

The interior of a Buddhist temple.

The monks read prayers.

Buddha statue near the portrait of the Dalai Lama.

Artist D.Dugarov among worshipers.

Visitors to the temple.

Painted cloth.

The painting on the columns of the temple.

Old Believers Buryat school of painting.

Tells D.Dugarov, students work at the tables.

Household items, painted ancient Buryat ornaments.


Picture. D.Dugarov with students.

Students prepare the paint.

Primer papers.

Opening of the exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the master D.Dondokova. L.Dondokova speech.

Operators with cameras. L.Dondokova D.Dugarov and cut the ribbon.

At the exhibition there are monks.



Young artist at work.

Alternation: pupil D.Dugarova N.Solominskaya, N.Solominskoy work.

Tells N.Solominskaya.

Young artist at work.

Document of sanctification.

Young masters.

A girl reads a prayer before starting work.

The girl draws.


Photos of the Buryat Buddhist temple.

Figure roof ornament.

The modern form of the temple. D.Dugarov with students in the classroom.

A fragment of an interview with D.Dugarovym.

The interior of the temple to the ceiling.

View of the temple.


AD-N.D.Dugarov - Buryat artist, People's Artist of the RSFSR.


Republic of Buryatia

Russian cities and regions; Visual Arts; Religion