Soviet Ural Mountains 1984 № 41

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Operators: V. Monastirskij, S. Avdeev, V. Litvishko, A. Tregubov, B. Kustov

Text writers: A. Gramolin

Reel №1

Landing aircraft - LS.

Aircraft models - different.

Guys (students) in the circle model airplane - MS.

Model aircraft - CU.

In the air group of guys with a model airplane in hands - MS.

Hand launch the model aircraft in flight - MS.

Model aircraft in the air - LS.

Aircraft at the airport, hit a group of pilots coming - MS.

Group aircraft technicians are on camera - MS.

Technician inspects aircraft - MS.

Aerotechnics drove wheel to the chassis of the aircraft - LS.

Preparation of aircraft for the flight - different.

Pilots in the cockpit - MS.

Appearance of the plane on the airfield - PNRM. on it - LS.

Group of guys at the airport, including aircraft technician, talks about his work - different.

Opens the door to the office of the Committee of the Young Communist League, is a collection of Komsomol Squadron - different.

Aircraft technician inspects aircraft - MS. PNRM. watching the planes taking off - LS.

Landscape with PNRM. the forest and the river to the village on the shore - LS.

The village, the people on the road, people near the water - different.

Work on breeding fish in the pond - LS.

Fish nets in water - MS.

Labour Fisheries - different.

Take out the fish nets from the water - MS.

Rides car GAZ-69 is stopped, the man comes out of it - MS.

Weigh and other measurements of fish - MS.

Water pours out of it jumping fish - MS.

Landscape Plans - trees - different.

A flock of seagulls in the sky over svalkoy- MS.

People are dragging with the garbage some things - MS.

Types of garbage, paper, rolls of roofing material, leather - MS.

Work for the machine, manufacture of abrasive wheels - different.

The use of waste products - different.

Household goods stores, PNRM. on the shelf, sponge for washing dishes - different.

Hostess washes dishes - different.

In the kitchen, hostess at the stove - LS.

Sponge for washing in the window - MS. PNRM. on the street at the hardware store window - MS.

Goes to the camera on a country road car GAZ-69 - LS.

Sources of mineral water - different.

A man collects the water in the bottle, drinking from the bottle - MS.

Another man drinks water from a glass - MS.

Label mineral water "Shadrinsk" printed documents mineral water - different.

Factory production line for mineral water - bottles go on the conveyor - MS.

Sale of water with syrup in the store, on the shelf a bottle of mineral water - MS.

Sources of mineral water - different.

Landscape with pines - LS.

Key words

Fish farming


Udmurtia [754] Chelyabinsk [885] Sverdlovsk [876] Kurgan region [783]

Air transport; Social life; Trade; Childhood and youth