In flight, the whole of life. The Movie "Valya, Valentina" (2002)

Documentary №41564, 1 film, duration: 0:26:47
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Tsyganov M.


A film about the first woman cosmonaut V.V.Tereshkova.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1963: General view of Red Square (above).

On the platform of the mausoleum are Tereshkova VV, NS Khrushchev, Yuri Gagarin

Animation: Seagull flies to the stars.

V. Tereshkova in his apartment gives interviews.

Photo portrait of mother Tereshkova - Helen Feodorovna.

Tereshkova gives interviews, looking at the portrait of his mother hanging on the wall.

Tereshkova talks about his mother.

Newsreel beginning of the 1960s: the face Tereshkova EF

Tereshkova talks about his mother (synchronously).

Portrait of a mother Tereshkova.

Portrait of father Tereshkova - Vladimir Axenovich, in uniform.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960: Valentina Tereshkova with her mother walking in the birch forest, suited to the bench, sit down.

Tereshkova with her mother sitting on a bench.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo of Helen Feodorovna with photographic portraits of his daughter in his hands.

Photo Tereshkova EF Lena with her granddaughter.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Rural summer landscape.

Winter forest.

Bunches of rowan in the snow.

In the furnace burning logs.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo grandmother Tereshkova VV

Tereshkova talks about his grandmother.

Country house.

Children in the village street.

Boy driving cows out to pasture.

Summer rural landscape.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos Tereshkova school years among classmates.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Tereshkova with her older sister Lyudmila in his youth.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel of the late 1950s: the types of Yaroslavl from the Volga.

General view of the plant "Red Perekop".

The sign above the entrance to the plant.

View from the banks of the Volga.

Paratroopers Aeroclub go sit in the plane.

The plane takes off.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos Tereshkova among the members of the Yaroslavl flying club.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Types Volga night.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Tereshkova among musicians amateur orchestra of folk instruments.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

View of the Volga in the region of Yaroslavl.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel beginning of the 1960s: view of a part of Moscow.

Tereshkova during a meeting with his colleagues on the force astronauts.

Tereshkova petting the dog.

Tereshkova talking to women.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1962: Valentina Tereshkova is engaged in sports simulators in an astronaut.

Tereshkova runs cross.

Tereshkova runs cross-country skiing in the woods.

Tereshkova is engaged in the training simulator console.

Gagarin next to Tereshkova in the classroom.

Tereshkova during classroom determines the coordinates on the globe.

Tereshkova with the teacher stands at the blackboard.

Closing the door to the isolation chamber.

Tereshkova during tests in the isolation chamber.

Tereshkova comments newsreels.

Newsreel 1962: Valentina Tereshkova during medical testing under overload.

Face Tereshkova.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1962: Valentina Tereshkova is taken in capsule centrifuges for the next test.

The hand presses the start button centrifuge.

Rotating centrifuge.

Tereshkova face during the test.

Turns the lever arm of the centrifuge acceleration.

The centrifuge is spinning faster.

Tereshkova in the capsule of the centrifuge.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1962: Valentina Tereshkova in the classroom in an astronaut.

Lesson on swinging simulators, Tereshkova is swapped with a member of the group.

Tereshkova turns on the simulator.

Tereshkova in the suit jumps out of the plane.

Tereshkova descends by parachute.

Tereshkova on earth turns parachute lines.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Gagarin and Tereshkova.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos Tereshkova in private life.

Newsreel 1962: Valentina Tereshkova dancing in a club with members of the cosmonaut corps.

Tereshkova gives interviews (synchronously).

Understudy Tereshkova, cosmonaut Solovyov IB gives interviews.

Pilot-Cosmonaut Kuznetsova TD gives interviews.

Newsreel 1962-1963 years: the State Commission.

Acts chief designer Korolev SP Astronauts listen to Queen.

Acts Lieutenant General Komarin.

Stand astronauts Bykovskii VF, Volynov BV Tereshkova VV Solovyev, Ponomarev VL Tereshkova speaks to members of the State Commission.


Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev - statesman and political figure [882] Yury Gagarin - cosmonaut Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova - cosmonaut Valery F. Bykovsky - Astronaut Volynov Boris V. - Astronaut Sergei Pavlovich Korolev - Designer of Space Technology Ponomarev Valentina L. - cosmonaut Solovyov Irina Bayanovna - Astronaut

Calendar: 1955-1963

Locations: Moscow [820] Yaroslavl

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Autumn [826]

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