Atlantis above the clouds. (2001)

Documentary №41723, 2 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:M. Dzhusoev
Camera operators:G. Gavrilov
Other authors:V.Guluev, E.Panteleev, N.Tebieva, S.Budtuev, A.Sokolkov, F.Besaeva. G.Amelyugina, V.Karev, V.Akopov


The film tells the story of Natalia E. Posen, who lives in a village in North Ossetia, engaged in beekeeping, herbal collection. Natalia E. live in friendship with the inhabitants of the village, help them, thinking about life.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Mountain landscape of North Ossetia.

General view of the ancient battle towers.

Eagle in the sky.

Type in the mountains village Harisdzhin Alagirsky region.

House in the village.

In the courtyard of the samovar on the table is in the barn drying on the clothesline collected in the mountains of grass.

Interior room in the house Poznan Natalia E.: pitcher stands on a table in a jar dry plant.

Apples are on the tray.

Shelf full of books, among them including books on beekeeping.

Icons on the shelf.

Natalia E. husband throws wood into the furnace.

Kettle is on the stove.

Panorama from the furnace at a woman with a book.

General view of the letters on the table addressed to Natalia E..

In one letter, please send mountain honey and thanks for the parcel with propolis.

View frame with honeycomb honey.

Honey dripping on the frame.

Natalia E. cuts with honeycomb frame.

Natalia E. says (per frame.) That honey is used as a medicine.

Honeycomb with honey on a plate tol us.

Haystacks in the courtyard of Poznan.

Natalia E. dressed in special clothes, before going to the apiary.

Panorama of one of the hives.

Natalia E. lifts the lid of the hive, pulls out a frame with honeycombs in which bees swarming, puts the frame into place.

Natalia E. husband comes with a bucket on the way, meets with a resident population.

Tractor trailer driving on a road.

Men unload corn from a truck, put it in a container.

Pig eating corn in the pen.

Panorama with old tower on a table set with a samovar in the yard Natalia E..

Natalia E. and her husband sitting at a table drinking tea.

Natalia E. husband does not allow smoking at the table (sinhr.).

Natalia E. husband tells her (and sinhr. per frame.), Thank God that helped to meet her.

Natalia E. raking leaves in the yard, preparing dough in the kitchen, talking about himself (and sinhr. per frame.), How it has brought to North Ossetia from Moscow Elektrostal and how it is not easy to live in the mountains of North Ossetia.

Natalia E. husband sitting at the TV, the TV is calling his wife to listen and watch news programs, which have reported another explosion in Vladikavkaz.

Photo Natalia E. with her granddaughter.

Natalia E. with a girl out of the house in Vladikavkaz, walking on the street, suited to the tray with the books, see the book.

Part 2.

Poznań Natalia E. and girl walking on the street in Vladikavkaz, sit on the bench.

Natalia E. says (sinhr. per frame.) How experienced an explosion in the market, which at that time could be her family, these attacks do not allow people to live in peace.

General view of the mountain scenery of North Ossetia.

Natalia E. and a group of men standing near the wall of the house.

Natalia E. looks at the mountains.

Geese in the yard, a cow.

General view of the ruins of a stone wall in the village.

Natalia E. misses the ancient tower, stands on high ground at the ancient battle towers, says (per frame.) About the beauty of the world, which shall not be destroyed.

Natalia E. husband and another man sitting against a wall of stone, talking.

A young woman carries a child goes to the house Natalia E..

Natalia E. invites guests into the house, treats a woman with apples, giving pills to a sick girl, girl treats mandarin (all sync.).

Women out of the house, Natalia E. says goodbye to her.

Woman says (per frame.) What kind, good neighbor Natalia E..

Natalia E. in the apiary, opens one of the hives, the bees take tweezers, puts them in a box, and then puts these bees on a sick man loin (treats sciatica).

Natalia E. talking with one of the women says (per frame.) Its not a simple life in the mountains.

Natalia E. husband carries a ladder pumps wheel of the car "Zaporozhets".

Cow in the courtyard of the hayloft. "Zaporozhets" rides on the road.

View raging mountain river.

Natalia E. in the mountains with her husband, break branches buckthorn pass through thickets of sea buckthorn.

Husband says Natalia E. (per frame.) About life.

View from the house and the old Natalia E. battle tower.

The fire is burning in the oven.

Natalia E. sits in a room reading a book "Agni Yoga".

View from the house, the windows of which is a light (night mode).

Natalia E. goes over the bridge across the mountain river, passes through the outskirts of the village, says (per frame.) About life.

View from the house in the village with a cross on the roof.

Natalia E. approaches the house, be baptized and enter into it (reads per frame.


Kind of tree, the branches of which hung cloth.

Key words

Rural settlements.
Historical and architectural monuments.
Alternative treatment.

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