Believe, then live.. (2004)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: G.Gavrilov

Other authors: N.Tebieva, F.Besaeva, G.Amilyugina

Reel №1

Film tells about Zalina Tibilova -

social worker homes for the disabled and the elderly "Care" in


Part 1.

Night view of Vladikavkaz.

Movement of vehicles on the highway.

Zalina Tibilova rides in the car.

Behind the scenes her voice sounds - it tells how close she lost recently.

View Boarding House "Care".

Zalina goes to the building of the boarding houses.

Mature woman in the room, she says (sinhr. and frame.) About his life, about his father's arrest in 1937.

Panorama of the room interior

Man sitting on a bed in a room of the boarding houses, says (sinhr. on oset.yaz.) about military conflict in South Ossetia.

Zalina man listens.

Panorama of the portrait on the wall woman sitting on a man.

Another elderly woman talks about her life (sinhr. on oset.yaz.).

Zalina rides the bus, walking down the street.

Behind the scenes of her story sounds a lonely old man, whom she cares.

Zalina climbs the stairs of an apartment house, ringing in the apartment.

Elderly disabled woman opens her door.

Kitchen interior: on the table is a bottle of milk, a loaf of bread is.

Zalina talking with a woman (sinhr. and frame.) Shows her the paid receipt.

A woman talks about how she helps Zalina (sinhr. and frame.).

Zalina pours milk into the pan and put a pan on the stove.

Zalina rides the bus.

Movement of vehicles on the bridge across the Terek.

View of the city of Vladikavkaz.

Sculptures of lions on the pedestal at the entrance to the bridge.

Zalina walking down the street.

Fountain in the park.

View other fountains.

Movement of the tram on the street.

Meeting social workers.

Present to discuss the problem.

Among those present Zalina Tibilova.

Social workers come out of the building houses the boarding "Care" at the end of the meeting (per frame.

Song sounds).

Elderly woman sitting on a bench in the yard of the boarding houses.

A man in a wheelchair with a broom sweeping the sidewalk.

Social workers are in the park.

Zalina Tibilova goes through the alley.

Group of people with cake and flowers suitable for home.

Social workers congratulate veteran Elizabeth Ivanovna Happy Birthday, giving presents.

Girl playing the accordion (sinhr.).

View the table with refreshments.

One of the women cut Ossetian pie.

Everyone sitting at the banquet table.

Zalina a toast, a man playing the drum.

Elizabeth I. thanked all those present (at sinhr.

Osset .. lang.) And Zalina first.

Part 2.

Mountain landscape of North Ossetia.

Zalina Tibilova in the mountains:

dips his hands in a mountain stream, drinking water from a stream, looking at the mountains, sitting on the rocks (says (per frame.) about themselves, their children, husband of the deceased, how reckless driver hit her car at full speed and she thought that does not rise.

Zalina poparku is sitting at a monument on which a statue of an angel.

Commercial vehicle passing on the street, a girl sitting on a bench in the park.

Zalina goes past the fountain in the park, cross the carriageway of the street.

Movement of vehicles on city streets.

Women walk in the park with the kids.

Woman sitting in the room, says (sinhr.) that life is useless; tells Zalina, about what she attentive.

Streets, Zalina comes with bags.

Zalina talking to an elderly man, whom she visits (the man behind the frame, said kind words about Zalina), rides on a streetcar, goes along with the other passengers at the bus stop.

View of the building department "Central".

Woman sitting in a room, tells what her small pension and how it is not enough (sinhr.).

Zalina bazaar buys apples.

Type of stalls with vegetables and fruits.

Children playing on the playground in the park.

Zalina goes with his son.

View of the Monument with a sculpture of an angel.

Zalina talks about his children (per frame.).

Appearance of the building, which houses a beauty salon and fitness center "Asik."

The interiors of the cabin.

Interior employees spend my clients facials, manicures, pedicures.

Girls are engaged in the gym in the fitness center.

Masseur doing massage client.

Master barber puts hair girl.

Zalina departs from the cabin door, walking down the street.

Zalina girl doing manicure.

Zalina riding in a car, in a winter coat and hat standing in the street, the snow falls.

Zalina stands of spruce.

Hang bunches of viburnum.

A car pulls up, leaves a man, coming to Zalina, talking with her.

Panorama of the bush with red berries.

Inscription "Zalina Tibilova Boarding House" Care "was

Vladikavkaz. "

Key words

City. Landscapes. Social security. City transport. Road transport. Architecture. Sculpture. Parks. Life. Consumer services. Sports and mass work.