House at the old church.. (1999)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: S.Coriev

Operators: S.Coriev

Other authors: Nana Tebieva, Galina Amelyugina, Vladiir Akoev


The film tells the story of an elderly couple Magkaevyh family, who live in one of the mountain villages of North Ossetia.

Reel №1

Part 1.

The church at dusk.

View from the house, near the church, the windows of which light is lit.

General view of the mountain scenery of North Ossetia (winter mode).

The film's heroine Anna Fedorovna Magkaeva milks the cow, talking about himself (per frame.).

Milk in the bucket.

Husband of Anna Feodorovna - Pavel in haystacks.

General view of the village in the mountains, an abandoned bus in which, as the film's heroine tells her family lived after moving to the village on a permanent basis.

General view of the house Magkaevyh, yard.

Magkaevy engaged in farming: Anna Fedorovna washes enameled container Pavel collects water in buckets from the river.

Cows in an open paddock.

Pavel carries hay, followed by the bull.

Pavel talks about himself, about his childhood and youth, which took place in the mountains, that the mountains - it's not rock, not the harsh living conditions, it is work that allows people to live a normal life (sinhr. and frame.).

Pavel working on his land: manure is in the bucket and lay it on the site.

Anna Feodorovna with grandchildren sitting in the backyard on a bench, talking about himself, how was in North Ossetia distribution after graduation as met her future husband (and sinhr. per frame.).

Turkeys and chickens on the farm Magkaevyh.

Pavel says (sinhr. and frame.) About his family, about the repression in the 30s, which also affected his family, about how 15 years wandering in the Russian, but always found a job.

Pavel plow horse land.

Anna Feodorovna planting seeds in the ground.

Type of apple blossom.

Anna Feodorovna going with buckets on the bridge over the river.

Part 2.

Morning in the mountains.

Cow in an open paddock.

Dogs lie in the yard.

Anna Feodorovna washing dishes in the kitchen, preparing cheese: stir in the cheese vat, cheese forms the head, puts cheese on a special shelf, says (per frame.) Currently.

Pavel chopping log in the yard.

Anna Feodorovna and her neighbor sitting on the porch, a neighbor knits.

Anna Feodorovna and Pavel greeted guests to visit them grandchildren.

Children playing in the yard.

Apples on an apple tree in the garden.

Anna Feodorovna with her granddaughter in the pond, feed the ducks.

Pavel in the yard knead cement, grandchildren help him.

General view of the church, at home.

Anna Feodorovna and Pavel sitting on the couch in the room, consider a family album with photos, share their memories (per frame.) Watching television.

Grandchildren in a room with his grandfather and grandmother.

General view of a satellite antenna on a mast on the highest point in the village.

General view of the infield Magkaevyh family.

Anna Feodorovna works on the site, watering cabbage.

Mountain landscapes of North Ossetia.

Anna Feodorovna laments (per frame.) Of Russia, which according to her looted, robbed people of normal life, work.

Family members Magkaevyh haying in the mountain meadows.

Son and father mow the grass mowing hand.

Family members raking grass clippings, during lunch break.

Part 3.

Grandson helps remove mowing business in the trunk of the car "Moskvich".

Car "Moskvich" goes on the road to the mountain.

General view of the mountain scenery, rivers, sea-buckthorn berries.

Magkaevy work on the plot: digging potatoes, put potatoes in bags.

Pavel carries a sack of potatoes.

Grandson puts a sack of potatoes in the trunk of a car.

Pavel rides while driving through the village, along a mountain road.

Pavel driving a truck on a mountain road.

Pavel and Anna Feodorovna ride in a car in the city to visit their children and grandchildren.

The car pulls up to the house.

From the door of the house runs granddaughter, rushes to her grandmother.

Another granddaughter standing in the doorway.

Then coming to the grandparents.

Folk festival in the village.

Villagers sitting at the covered tables, among them family members Magkaevyh.

Pavel holds a horn with wine and a toast (sinhr. on oset.yaz.).

A general view of the temple at sunset.

The moon illuminates the temple and standing near a house.

The light is lit in the home.

Key words

Landscapes. Rural settlements. Life. Folk festivals. Family. Crop. Livestock. Christianity.