Huseyn Magomaeva road.. (1989)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: Dzobaev A.

Operators: Gavrilov G.

Other authors: Tuaev R., Karev A., Belokopitova I.


The film tells the story of a boarding school of martial arts "Five cardinal" in s. Halimbekaul, Buynarskogo district of Dagestan and its founder - the artist Huseyn Saygidoviche Magomayev.

Reel №1

The first part.

Dagestan, Buynakski district, p.


Panorama of the territory of the boarding school of martial arts "Five points of the compass": wagon, wooden buildings.

A group of children watching young man who performs exercises Wushu with a stick.

G.S.Magomaeva wife - Olga with a pan in hand passes through the yard.

The young man carries firewood.

Banks with paints standing on a wooden platform. G.S.Magomaev enters the trailer, goes through papers on his desk.

The poster with the inscription: "Personal exhibition of satire and humor graphic artist Huseyn Magomaeva."

G.S.Magomaeva drawings, which depict the tiger, Diogenes of Sinope, Plato, and other Chinese fighters G.S.Magomaev draws at the table.

Guys, G.S.Magomaev and his wife dine at the table.

Group of guys in training Wushu.

A poster written twelve commandments Wushu.

Outright G.S.Magomaeva and his pupil at the site. G.S.Magomaev performs exercises with a stick in a meadow.

The young man pours tea into a bowl, and then performs a variety of exercises, holding bowls.

Training students in the gym.

Drawings of children engaged in Wushu.

Guys training in the helmets.

Guys do the exercises in pairs.

Guys doing exercises with sticks.

The young man shows on a hill exercise Wushu.

G.S.Magomaev talks about Wushu Wushu about the importance of harmony for body and health, on the martial arts school, about his work, (sinhr., behind the scenes).

The second part.

G.S.Magomaev draws at the table.

Youth dig site near the house.

Kind of a new two-storey house. G.S.Magomaev with the guys working on the decoration of the house.

The guys drilled a hole in the board, hammer nails, prevent grout, shpaklyuyut brick wall. G.S.Magomaev with the guys run the electrical cable.

Olga prepares food around the plate.

Olga says she is responsible for the climate in the family and at school (synchronously).

Olga rings a bell, remove pan from heat.

The young man kindles fire in the furnace. G.S.Magomaev and Olga lay on the table.

Olga lays on bowls rice, vegetables.

Students in the school lunch. G.S.Magomaev conducts training with students in the evening.

Guys clean pad of snow.


Halimbekaul pass on the street.

Dwelling houses of the villagers.

View Halimbekaul village.

G.S.Magomaev shows a drawing, which shows a man walking up the hill with a halo around his head.

The boys are trained in an open area.

GS Magomaev doing gymnastics at the site. G.S.Magomaev speaks about the responsibility of the teacher to the students (sinhr.).

Key words

Wrestling. Rural settlements. Schooling. Painting. School education.