Searchers. (2004)

Documentary №41760, 2 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:G.Gavrilov, S.Budtuev, O.Dubinin
Other authors:V.Struschenko, N.Tebieva, G.Amelyugina


The film tells about a man who not only connects aviation hobby, but also a job search, the purpose of which is to detect the wrecked Soviet aircraft and burial of the remains of Soviet airmen who died during the Great Patriotic War.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Newsreels of the Great Patriotic War: Soviet planes in the sky during an air battle with German aces.

Plane in the sky burns and falls.

Group of men in the Valeria Digoeva, Poroshina Sergei, Sergei Samateeva engaged in searching the wooded mountains, where during the war were fighting, mortal remains of Soviet pilots and aircraft fragments on which they fought, pass through the woods with a metal detector in hopes of finding a place where, according to local residents, the plane fell.

Men exchanged in the course of search cues detect fragments of the aircraft.

Valery Digo (nicknamed the Devil) opens the door of the hangar at the airport, where there is a plane, inspects the cockpit.

Behind the scenes and Sync. story sounds Valeria Digoeva that about yourself, how come in aviation.

Sergei Poroshin (Gorgaz nickname) in his studio, talks about his passion for aviation that he came in and met with DOSAAF Valery Digoevym (sinhr.).

General view photos S.Poroshina when he was a member of DOSAAF. Sergei says that after the restructuring flying club collapsed.

General view of an abandoned aircraft on the tarmac of the airfield.

Sergei Poroshin

tells his hobbies woodcarvings modeling aircraft.

Sergei Samateev (nickname Snake) in an automobile repair shop repairing truck, talks about his friends, about the flying club of

joint hobby - finding downed aircraft in the years (sinhr. and frame.).

Valery Digo says that their search group traditionally goes to the mountains.

A group of men going to the mountains, standing on top.

Panorama of the mountains.

Moving the search team members on tricycles.

Valery Digo talks about this type of transport is very convenient in terms hike.

Tricycle can move where a car can not drive (sinhr. and frame.).

Participants search group renovating tricycle.

Valerii Digo talks about finding fragments of German aircraft shot down during the war and had fallen in the mountains of North Ossetia (sinhr. and frame.).

Participants exploratory campaign going on the highway by car, tricycle, passing through the mountain river to the place of the alleged crash.

Sergei Poroshin talks about finding the aircraft (sinhr.).

Men find on the alleged site of the crash of its fragments.

Valery Digo says that the locals thought it was a German plane, but found fragments are not part of the German aircraft.

It is likely, or English or American aircraft delivered to the USSR under Lend-Lease.

Participants learn the search group objects found on the site of the crash.

Analysis of aircraft components, as well as the presence of stigma leaves no doubt - American bomber plane Boston A-20 in 1942

Part 2.

Street of the city (presumably Vladikavkaz).

A sign on the door of a building with the words "The Council of Veterans."

Sergei Samateev says (sinhr.) about finding data about the crew found the plane about that in November 1942, two aircraft were shot down "Boston A-20."

Search History of aircraft and crews remains took nearly 10 years.

Participants search groups gather in the forest fragments aircraft exchanged remarks.

Valery Digo laments that not set the remains of one of the pilots and had to be buried as unknown.

Valery Digo says that crew members 2 airplanes were eight young men (per frame.

And sync.).

Kind of anti-urchins in the place where during the war there were fights.

Sergei Poroshin in his workshop, turns the handle of the phonograph, sits and smokes.

Sergey says Poroshin (sinhr. and frame.) That it was found that one member of the crew of the aircraft was Lt.


Replacement plates on the grave airmen whose names are added to the name of Lieutenant Vasiliev.

Friends sitting around the campfire in the dark woods, morning collect fragments of the aircraft.

Valery Digo workshop examines the found fragments of the aircraft. V.Digoev says that the remains of the Soviet pilots no one shows any interest.

Sergei Poroshin in his workshop, argues that the Germans and Italians learned about his discovery of the remains of soldiers, immediately take them home, but our people are indifferent to the fact that not all the remains of Soviet soldiers

worthy interred.

Victory Day - May 9 in the city.

Playing a military brass band, stand on the square veterans.

One of the members of the search party is screwed to the tombstone plaque with the names of the pilots - one of the crew members of aircraft detected Boston A-20:

Lieutenant D. Vasiliev

Captain Alexander Potemkin

Sergeant Gvozdovsky PF

Sergeant Parfenov PV

5. 11.1942 g

Men standing at the grave of the dead pilots at the memorial cemetery.

Key words

The Second World War.
Air Force.
DOSAAF. Arts and crafts.
Public holidays.
Military music.

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