Who? (2004)

Documentary №41775, 2 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:S.Budtuev
Other authors:T.Dzejtov, N.Tebieva, F.Besaeva

Reel №1

The protagonist of the film - director Ingush State Youth Theater Musa Khadziev, shares his memories of life before the war in Grozny where people of different nationalities lived in peace and harmony, but the war destroyed this world, people changed.

Part 1.

Panorama from the fixture to the children in the hall.

Artists Ingush State Youth Theatre show puppet show schoolchildren.

Actors Theater with puppets behind a screen play performance (sinhr.), children applauded, considering dolls after the performance.

Theater director Musa Khadziev shows children how to properly manage puppets.

Kind of ruined buildings in Grozny as a result of military action.

Military Street.

Musa Khadziev says (per frame.) That the theater was forced to move in Ingushetia after the events in Chechnya shows where there was a building of the Chechen-Ingush puppet theater.

General view of the ruins of houses and ruined buildings.

Inscriptions "Mines" in some homes.


Khadziev says that city, which was before, no longer exists.

Cars passing on the street.

Musa is at the house where he lived before, before the war.

General view of a dilapidated house of Musa.

Musa on the balcony of his former apartment.

General view of the street with dilapidated houses.

Doll among the ruins.

The car moves along the highway.

Along the road ruins of houses.

The cursor off the road labeled "Terrible" and mourning ribbon on the index.

Moussa Khadziev rides in the car.

Cars passing on the street, people go by.

General view of the building of the mosque.

Boys pray in the mosque.

Artists Ingush State Theatre show puppet show for children.

Children watch a puppet show with puppets, dolls after considering the performance.

Soldiers dozing on the steps of the truck, standing beside automatic.

Group of young people standing at the BTR.

Soldier with a gun sitting on an armored vehicle.

A sign on one of the houses "TD XXI Century".

Girl walking along the street.

Men come out of the gate of the mosque.

One of the residents of Grozny sits on the steps of the house smokes.

Musa Khadziev meets his friends, welcome them, walking down the street.

Rehearsal in the theater (sinhr.).

Musa Khadziev makes remarks actors during rehearsals (sinhr.).

Theater actress on stage

Part 2.

Artists Ingush State Youth Theatre show puppet show for children: behind a screen with puppets pronounce text (sinhr.).

Theater director Musa sits Khadziev involved in the representation.

Kids in the Hall, watching a puppet show.

Protagonist of the film, "Who?" - Musa Khadziev looks at the monitor footage film, talking with the author of the film - directed by Murat Dzhusoeva (sinhr.).

Aerial view of highway (removed from the vehicle).

View PPC are military vehicles.

The cursor off the road with the NDP "airport" Magas ".

Key words

Wars and conflicts XX-th century.
Ground troops.
The situation of children.
Road transport.

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