Mrakobesova soul. (2003)

Documentary №41783, 2 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:G.Gavrilov
Other authors:N.Tebieva, F.Besaeva, A.Sokolkov, V.Akoev

Reel №1

The film's protagonist - a young man from the village of Yuri Yakushev Canvas hunting in the mountains of North Ossetia, talks about themselves, their dreams and visions.

Part 1.

A young man in the mountains of North Ossetia, shouts (sinhr.).

Man holding a flask behind him - the gun.

Man prays (sinhr.) in which he asks a successful hunt, sips from a flask, and then enters the gallery opening and calls for all other participants of a hunt, among them a young man and two girls.

The hero of the film tells (per frame.) About his attitude towards hunting of the goats, which he hunts, and what feelings he experiences in this dark tunnel adit.

Movement of trolleys from the paths laid in the tunnel adit.

People are standing, leaning against the wall.

The hero of the film suggests that the passion for hunting, when he returned from Chechnya was looking at an abandoned bear and bear it myself found (sinhr.).

All expedition members are climbing up the stairs and out of the gallery.

General view of the mountain scenery, which opened before the expedition.

The eagle flies over the mountains.

The film's protagonist - a hunter standing on a rock and performs some ritual movement, then goes on a mountain trail on the trail of the beast.

Snow-capped mountains.

The film's protagonist - a hunter with a gun sitting, says (per frame).


Hunter sits and waits.

Girls watching from behind the rock hunter exchanged replicas (per frame.) As they have to sit and wait, the more that is hungry.

Part 2.

Lit the fire.

Girls sitting around the campfire.

The hero of the film - hunter reason (sinhr. and frame.) About their dreams and visions; says that god Svarog fuse his memory of his dreams.

General view of the mountain scenery and one of the villages in the mountains.

The film's protagonist - a hunter drinking from a flask and says that when one goes hunting, it never comes without meat (sinhr.) berates himself for having agreed to take on the hunt for someone else and is surprised that they are not filled up in adit.

Cat sitting on the window, a woman sits at a table in the house.

On the table is a bottle with a label on which the inscription "Amanita 2002" and a few bottles of liquid.

Woman falls asleep in one of the bottles of dried mushrooms (mushroom).

Group headed by the hunter climbs the hillside to the house in one of the mountain villages.

The hero of the film - the hunter opens the door.

Woman in the house.

Mutt barking in the yard.

Hunter standing with a bucket and shows the mountains, says (sinhr.), that's where he first saw a miracle - a fireball.

Woman at the window in the room (close-up), says (per frame.) That her children also saw the fireball.

A woman and her son sitting in the house at the table, drinking tea.

View several apartment houses in the village.

Chicken in the yard.

Cat face (close-up).

The film's protagonist - a hunter with a cat.

Panorama from the apartment house on the hill.

Man - hunting expedition party smokes, reading poetry (sinhr.), next girl listens.

Girl out of the house, loaded the bags in the car.

Man sits behind the wheel, the car goes on a mountain road, passing the bridge over mountain river.

Cows graze in the pasture along the road.

Man stops the car on the road, standing with a bouquet of flowers.

Key words

Rural settlements.
Road transport and road.

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