HOMO LABORAHS person or worker. (2000)

Documentary №41792, 3 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:M.Nemisskij, S.Budtuev
Other authors:V.Karev, N.Tebieva


The film was edited from the movie and newsreel shots before the Revolution, both domestic and foreign, as well as chronicles the 20s, 30s, 40s, contemporary chronicles frames including and foreign.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Soviet newsreel footage 20s: the public part of the cinema hall, took their seats; projectionist charges reel in the machine goes out in the hall light, the screen displays the caption "Pathe-log."

Fragments of the pre-revolutionary and including foreign newsreel:

Cavalrymen go horseback riding in, the performance of trained parrots, a fire alarm in / Moscow /.

Photos campaign train, agitfurgona.

Newsreel snippets 20s:

Projectionist shows peasant box with film.

Projectionist group of cadets demonstrates the principle of the movie camera.

Field equipment in a field.

Group of people stretches screen for viewing.

Man starts a gramophone.

Detail of a feature film, where one of the characters - Karl Marx: Marx in his office, goes to the table and writes something.

Newsreels 20s including and foreign:

Working railway locomotive depot repair engine, prepare it to move, the engine leaves depot.

Splitting of short plans of foreign newsreel on w / d of transport and other industrial subjects. movements of locomotives, trains translated arrows w / d fabric, the opening of business on one of the enterprise (Germany?), employees of the company go through the checkpoint by watchmen.

Construction Turksib: blasting, laying w / d fabric.

Construction of industrial facilities in the first five years of the USSR, work in the oil industry, the general form of drilling rigs, work neftekachalok, oil refining manually.

Newsreels 80s: works at a factory, installation of power transmission poles, towers, transportation to the place of drilling for natural gas field.

Newsreel footage foreign different years: view of the bridge across the river, high-rise buildings in New York, bridge construction involving high-altitude installers who work at high altitude without insurance.

Group of people watching the work of installers.

The man on the roof of a high building.

Newsreel snippets, imprinted contests waiters: compete, running with trays to speed through the streets, as well as competitions fire brigades that demonstrate speed firefighting competition in the sugarcane harvest.

Newsreel snippets, imprinted A.Stahanova: A.Stahanov in the mine during his record on cutting carbon solemn meeting A.Stahanova and members of his team after the change.

German newsreel footage 20s: the unemployment line at the labor exchange, view closed enterprises, the empty shops, and abandoned mines, the sale by auction of the property of the unemployed.

Demonstration of workers: protesters tolerate portrait of Karl Marx and go with him down the street.

Mounted police on the streets, the police check the documents of the driver in the car.

With police armored car passing on the street.

Workers clash with police.

Type of collision effects: twisted cobblestones on the pavement.


People stand in the street with raised fists "Rot Front".

Demonstration in Berlin.

Part 2.


Captured the city

Tallinn 30s-40s: views of the Old Town and monuments, the movement of cars on one of the central streets adjuster regulates movement street, people on the streets, storefronts, the audience for outdoor cafe tables, waitresses dressed in national costumes serve visitors, a group of men sitting on a bench on the waterfront opposite the seaport; people in the park.

Man feeding protein swans swimming in a pond.

Type one of the squares, a man sitting on a bench, feeding the pigeons.

Newsreels in which lifted industrial landscapes with smoking chimneys.

View the rotating turbine at a power plant.

Interior view of the machine room power.

Production processes in plants of different companies in Germany, including enterprises where made weapons: bombs, missiles, rifles, tanks T-3. General view of the finished bombs in the courtyard of the enterprise.

Working out of the factory gates after the change.

Construction of a military vessel in one of the / German / shipyards.

Descent boat in the water.

Launching a German submarine.

Newsreels documenting the Spanish Civil War (1936-1937):

Biplane in the sky, dropping bombs on one of the Spanish cities, firing cannon, crying girl, kind of destroyed in an air raid houses, old Spaniard at the destroyed house, the Republican army soldiers carry wounded on stretchers, on the hands, the evacuation of the wounded soldiers of the machine gun shoots out of the building, civilians run for cover from an air raid.

Frontline cameramen shoot events in Spain and other events during the 2nd World War.

Newsreel footage foreign 30s:

Tanks "Matilda" go out of the shop one of the factories of England.

Military Halifax heavy bomber before its first flight.

The audience watching the preparations for the flight.

The plane takes off and flies.

A group of men with shovels steps to highway construction site, working on the construction of the road.

Adolf Hitler with a shovel in the environment close to the construction of the highway; among those present / M.Borman /.

Newsreels (20th ,30-ies.)

A sign on the gate "Nevsky Shipbuilding Mechanical Plant.

Lenin "; hanging in the shop listing "March 9 public trial absentees 2nd mechanical workshop.

Prosecutor - Leningrad newspaper "Pravda", the defender - the newspaper "Trud".

Fragments of the movie with subtitles, where captured absentees trial: accused of truancy, the audience in the hall.

A group of workers standing in front of the ad, which reported a decline in absenteeism.

A meeting of workers in the factory yard.

Working out of the factory gate.

German newsreel footage 30s: boys and girls in the form of the Hitler Youth are in the building, the entrance is a military man, who keeps order.

Group of young people in the studio, collected instruments.

Prisoners of road construction (in striped trousers).

Car driving on a road.

A group of people digging out from the land of man.

Close-up of a man.

Soviet newsreel footage 30s: view oilfields production processes in industrial plants, workers of a textile factory "Red Dawn" coming out of the factory gates (Ramenskoye)  tillage tractors; general appearance of moving across the steppe transports.

Part 3.

Newsreel footage foreign:

Dog on the site demonstrates assembled audience his ability to climb a high ladder and then jump down from it.

The puppet theater in one of the puppets / Spanish / cities.

Jewish woman behind barbed wire in the ghetto.

German soldiers standing at the gates of the ghetto.

German soldiers searched the women who go to the territory of the enterprise.

British workers dress in the shop before the shift.

Type collected on the shop floor of the tank.

Girl doing lettering on the tank, including in Russian: "Hello to our allies."

Newsreels of the 2nd World War II: German planes flying, exploded view of the bridge, burning houses; frontline cameramen are shooting incidents 2nd World War in different years, in different parts of the front.

Newsreels without shooting location and date of recording (presumably after the war)

Hammers strike the anvil in the forge of the enterprise, the smelting of iron in one of the steelworks.

Newsreel footage foreign: start with warships missiles during military exercises.

Personnel Chronicle commemorated the events of the American aggression in Vietnam: Lights downed American airplane, view fighters Liberation Army of South Vietnam.

Demonstrations in England and Greece.

Production processes in the shops of one of the textile enterprises in South-East Asia.

Fire in high-rise building, firefighters extinguish a fire, evacuate people trapped in the building, a man falls from the top floor.

Schooner aground in the sea off the rocky shore.

Production processes in the cinematographic / North Caucasian / studio to / x.

Newsreel footage of modern shot operators North Caucasus to the studio / x: old engraver emboss pattern on metal production processes in one of the bakeries, harvesting crops, sowing wheat.

Written by V.Karev

Directed R.Gasparyants

Operator M.Nemyssky

Operator mounting C. Budtuev

Soundman N.Tebieva

Editors F.Besaeva, G.Amelyugina

Key words

The Second World War.
Armed forces.
Fire protection.
Road transport.
Fuel industry.
The war in Spain.
Socio-political movement.
Children's Organization.
Arts and crafts.

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