Sunflowers.. (1993)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: G.Gavrilov, M.Nemisskij

Other authors: V.Kachurin, V.Karev


The film tells about the problems associated with child neglect and abandonment, about the role that the family plays in the lives and education of children about the consequences of armed conflict between North Ossetia and Ingushetia in 1992, played a negative role in the lives of children.

Reel №1

Part 1.


Meadow of dandelions in the woods.

The boy runs into the clearing, blowing on a dandelion, runs through a meadow, lying among dandelions.

Panorama from the picture window with religious subjects on the wall.

The boy christening wear shirt, the priest blesses it.

Are parents with children in their arms in front of the temple rite of Communion.

The priest gives communion children.

One of the priests reading the Psalms, another priest says the prayer before the iconostasis (sinhr.).

Waterfall in the mountains.

Young actors rehearse a play based on the work of Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince."

Directed suggests words of text (sinhr.).

The boy in the hall, watching the rehearsal.

Fragment from the performance (sinhr.) involving adult and young actors.

B / W footage: young woman shakes her baby in her arms, behind the scenes sounds lullaby, a panorama of the room in which it sits - this bedroom House gorzdravotdela child.

Children stand in cribs, watch and listen to the song.


Pointer with the inscription "House gorzdravotdela child."

B / W footage: woman next to a little boy who is standing in her crib.

Panorama of the children lying in cribs.

Inmates of the orphanage in the playroom with toys.

Some of the children are crying.

Caregiver takes the child out of the crib in his arms, carries in her arms.

Interview Director of the orphanage (sinhr. and frame.), Which tells that the main contingent of children in orphanage - children from disadvantaged families and children with neuropsychiatric diseases.

Pupils orphanage - all in the same clothes, sit at the tables, an afternoon snack, and then walk on the playground.

Colored frames: inmates of the orphanage for a walk.

One of the boys reading poetry (sinhr.).


B / W footage: forest panorama with a group of street children around the campfire on the riverbank.

Children baked potatoes, eat it.

One of the girls present, which for six years, reading poetry (sinhr. and frame.).

Woman sitting on a rock thinking, boy goes through the woods.

Spider web.

Panorama on the tops of trees in the forest.

Part 2.

Wounded animal.

B / W newsreel footage of the military conflict in North Ossetia and Ingushetia in the Suburb of CO in 1992:

Panorama from the field on the tank.

Soldiers marching along the road by the APCs.

Military vehicles passing on the street one of the settlements in suburban district of North Ossetia.

The people on the street watching a passing technique.

Kind of a burning house.

A man with a gun trying to move a mountain river.

General view of the destroyed building.

Are the locals, one of the women crying.

Run by armed men, who are in the local militia.

Male corpse road.

On the highway, stands a police car and other vehicles.

The column of armored vehicles on the road.

Virtual tour of the building with broken windows in the windows.

Soldiers and militias in the Suburb of North Ossetia.

Ruins of houses.

General view of the cemetery where victims of the conflict.

Panorama of the graves of the dead.

People stand at the graves, light candles, lay flowers.

Group of homeless children on the riverbank.

Children talk about the hostilities, they become witnesses and their participation in the protection of native settlements (sinhr. and frame.).

Director or reporter overs ask children questions.

Colored frames:

Boy, maybe a young artist who has already appeared in the first part of the film, says the text of "The Little Prince" (sinhr.).

B / W footage:

The man opens the lock on the door of the children's reception center, a police jeep out of street children, voluntarily departed from the house and leading free lifestyle.

Man closes the door of the receiver.

General view of the room reception center where children are temporarily placed.

Head of a child's room police Gurtsiev Daniel commented the situation of street children (sinhr.).

Colored frames:

People on the streets of the city.

Homeless boy sitting outdoors, collecting alms.

B / W footage:

Carousel in the park.

Boy in the children's room police answering questions of a police officer: talks about why he runs away from home - father drinks and beats him.

Street children in the nursery or child police reception center to tell their stories, the girls sing ditties (sinhr.).

Children look outside because

barred window.


Colored frames:

Children paint colors on the wall in the room, answer the question: why is Dad?

Girl playing the violin.

People walk through the city streets, there are students.

Woman on Meadow picks up a girl.

A girl stands in a clearing on her head a crown of daisies.

Key words

Combating homelessness and neglect. Militia. Maternity shelters. Receiving and distribution points. Life. National conflicts. Out of school education. Landscapes.