Ural Mountains' Video Chronicle № 4 "People on the river" (2002)

Newsreel №4184, 1 part, duration: 0:10:06
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Screenwriters:A. Morozov
Camera operators:V. Petuhov, V. Putincev


The film is about the life of a blind fisherman Mansi peoples

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Snowy field and forest - LS.

Wooden buildings, the setting sun - LS.

Boy pulls out a bucket of water from the hole - Various.

Village in the snow - LS.

Woman in national costume.

Family Mansi peoples in the house, busy with household chores - different.

The cat is sitting in the twilight - MS.

Man playing folk instruments - MS.

It snows outside - MS.

In the stove burning wood - MS.

On the ground, a few turkeys walk, fight - MS.

Candle stands in a glass jar - MS.

Dogs in the snow near their kennels, bark - LS.

Motorcycle trailer for snow sled from preparing for the journey - several.

On the back of a special loop on the coat inserted ax - MS.

Travel on the winter road, trees along the road - different.

A man and a boy is ready for fishing hole - Various.

Ax chop ice - CU.

The fish in the water - MS.

River in the summer, swam along the shore - MS.

A bird in the bush MS.

A boy with a paddle and a man floating in a boat - MS.

A man prepares the network for fish - MS.

In the bush, in a nest bird feeding nestlings - MS.

Man installs network for fish - MS.

Boat with boys and men sailed from the network - MS.

Rowing oar - CU.

Winter on the river man and boy preparing the hole to catch fish - different.

Woven baskets taken out of the hole take out caught fish - different.

Wicker basket placed in the hole - MS.

Trees in the snow with the drive - different.

Trees in summer with travel - LS.

Skip summer forest - MS.

The bird sits on a branch - MS.

The man is holding a mushroom - MS.

Feet in boots go - CU.

Man and boy doing a trap for the beast - different.

Partridge in a grass - MS.

Boy with a gun on his shoulder and a man with a stick - MS.

In winter motorbike with wide wheels driven sled on snowy road - MS.

Winter forest, trees in the snow - LS.

Man and boy laid the wood on the sled - different.

Boy driving a motorcycle, driven sled with firewood - MS.

Man walking on a winter road - MS.

In summer in the boat floating on the river man and boy - different.

Boy playing folk instruments and sings - MS.

PNRM. with trees down on the grass and flowers - MS.

Winter village boy on bike rides, dog sitting in booths in the snow - different.

A woman is seen in the window of the house - MS.

The view from the window of the house, it's snowing, the boy shoveling snow clears - MS.

Man sitting in the house, lit a kerosene lamp - MS.

Seen through tree branches sky, PNRM. on snow-covered ground - LS.

Key words

Blind fisherman
Sakltyp (musical instrument)
Mansi peoples

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

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