Shagdi. (2005)

Documentary №41848, 2 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:S.Coriev

Reel №1

Film story with humor "first-person" tells the story of ancient human companions - horses.

In particular, the world-famous Kabardian breed of horses - "Shagdi" that people carefully preserved for posterity.

The first part.


Horsemen galloping along a mountain road.

Types of Elbrus.


Herd of horses in the pasture Kabardian breed in the mountains.

Sculptural portraits of horses.

Painting, which depicts a horse.

Horse races in


Spectators on the podium.

Participants are racing horses.

Young man in national dress is the horse on which sits a girl in national costume.

Horsemen riding horses.

Silver jewelry on a harness, saddle and tail of a horse.

Masters and V.Mastafov H.Shogenov made saddle and harness horse.

Samples of silver jewelry for horses.

Horses grazing in a meadow in the rain.

Old Stable.

The bas-relief in the form of a horse's head on the wall of the stables.

Director A.Margushev Stud rides a horse.

Newsreels: horsemen demonstrate techniques trick riding on a holiday devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Red Army of the USSR (1943), sale of horses on the international auction (1940-1960 years).

The second part.


Horses gallop past the stables.

Cleans groom horses, carries a bucket of food in the stable.

Herd of horses in the mountains.

Horses grazing in a meadow in the mist.

Herd of horses galloping in the mist.

Horse lying on the grass.

B.Zakureev breeder, his son and grandson riding horses graze a herd of horses.

Horses at the Watering near the lake.

People cook on a glade.

Boiler with food over a campfire.

People sit on logs.

Herd of horses crossing a river ford.

Foal in the river falls from stone falls out of the water.

Boy riding a horse, a girl with her grandfather on a horse in the herd.

B.Zagureev breeders, B.Hasaov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Ts.

Kagermazov about horses.

Horse with foal.

Herd of horses galloping.

View of Mount Elbrus.

Riders on a mountain road.

Key words

Features of national life.
Arts and crafts.
Armed forces.

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