Abode of the river.. (1990)

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Director: Makarov N.

Script writers: Makarov N.

Operators: Sosnickiy U.

Composers: Chajkovskij P.I.


A film about the Optina, about the life of monks.


Social life

Reel №1

The field is a horse.

Leafless branches of a bush.

River waves.

View of the monastery from the river (intensive image of dawn).

The road to the monastery.

The interiors of the temple, people in worship.

Monastic Cemetery, crosses and monuments on the graves.


Bucket with water.


Moss on the brickwork.

The builder lays bricks.

On the table are the church books.

The monk bent over a book.

Icon and the books on the shelves.

Monk reading at the table.

Man aligns the plaster on the wall.

Wind carries the road fallen leaves.

View of the dome of the Cathedral of Vvedensky from the trees.

The towers of the monastery.

Monk with the book Cross and tells about himself.


Books on the shelves.

The book in his hands.

Monk at the window.


Archive photos.


The cross on the grave.


Lantern on the cross.

Says rector of Optina, Archimandrite Benedict (V.A.Penkov).

Domes Vvedensky cathedral, clouds float across the sky.

The monks of Optina.

General view of the Vvedensky cathedral.

Archimandrite Benedict.

Dome Cathedral.


Kaluga region


Autumn [826]

Reel №2

The interiors of the temple.

Archimandrite Benedict says.

Alternation: candles, icons.

View of the monastery with water.

View from the bell tower of the courtyard.

The monks go out of doors.

The monks ring the bell.

The monks visit the cemetery.

People gather in the dining room, the monk prays.

Alternating: the icon on the wall, the table having dinner elderly monk reads an excerpt from Lives of the Saints.

People at the well, a monk helps to pour holy water.

Construction and repair work on the monastery grounds.

A stack of bricks, view of the cathedral and the Church of Our Lady of Kazan.

Leafless branches of a bush.

River waves.

Archive photos.

River waves.

The cross on the grave.

Lantern on the cross.


People in the cemetery.

Plate on the grave of the writer and religious philosopher I.V.Kireevskogo.

At the well stands a man and talks about visits Optina.

Bucket with water.


Kaluga region


Autumn [826]

Reel №3

The bells, the view from the bell tower of the courtyard.

Alternating: the continuation of the interview with the man at the well, the church building.

People help a monk with a disability on the road.

View of the church built by the well, sump rotating gate.

From the bucket splashed water.

Monk Cross.

At the edge of the well worth a bucket and mug.

Sump gate.

Sunset for the trees.

Pine trees against the sky.

Monk drinks water from a mug.

Autumn natural scenery in the vicinity of the monastery.

The monk at the triple-tree.

The sun shines through the trees.

View of the monastery with water.

Reflections in the river.

The candlestick candle burns.

Monk baptized and lights a candle.

Archive photos.

The situation in the cell.

Red Corner.

Dying Candles.

Open book.

The monk prays.

Clouds at sunset.

Monk walking on a forest path.

The monk rings a bell during the evening service.

Cemetery at sunset.

On the back of the field a herd of cows.

Moon over Vvedensky cathedral.

On the river floats ice medley.

Vvedensky Cathedral Dome.

The cross on the dome of the sky clouds float.

Cyclorama Optina (shot from a helicopter).

View of the forest.


Kaluga region


Autumn [826] Winter [823]