North Caucasus 1979 № 23

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: G.Gavrilov, V.Guluev, H.Koroev, B.Nasimov, Chon-Nin-Gu

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of seven stories.

1st story "At the monument to Pushkin" on talks in

Ordzhonikidze (North Ossetian AO) days of Pushkin's poetry.

Pushkin Square, poets perform at the bust of Alexander Pushkin, the audience applauded.

Poet Larissa Tarakanova reads his poetry.

Schoolgirls in white aprons with flowers.

2nd story "The first landing on the left bank of the Sulak" tells about the first landing builders Miatlinskaya HPP (Dagestan ASSR).

Types Sulak River, rocks along the shores.

Gidrostroitel stretch wire over the river, put poles.

Demolition equipment set on the shore.

General view Miatlinskaya HPP dam sluices Cherkeyskoy.

Crossing construction equipment across the river (passing tractors, bulldozers, trucks). - Persons hydrobuilders.

Third story "Fighting phylloxera" tells of grape pest - phylloxera.

Dagestan ASSR, vinsovhoz "Manasensky."

Winegrowers in the harness affected by phylloxera vines in the background - the vineyards. - Phylloxera.

Girl sprayed with infected cuttings.

Winegrowers working for the machines to handle cuttings of grapes.

Winegrowers are considering new grape varieties, not afraid of phylloxera, planting cuttings in the ground.

4th story "Crew Rudnev" tells the story of the youngest crew in the Stavropol Air Transport Agency.

Aircraft in the air, the delegate XVIII Congress of the Komsomol commander Rudnev, workers of communist labor A.Kundryutsky pilot in the cockpit AN-24, dashboard, windows, steering wheel.

Receiving a candidate member of the CPSU A.Kundryutskogo, the selection committee, comrades congratulate the pilot.

The crew of the aircraft AN-24 is on the tarmac, coming on board, in the background - the loading of cargo on the plane.

5th plot "For remote areas," talks about transponders produced Grozny radio engineering plant, by which people living in remote areas will be able to watch local television transmission.

Work in the shops of radio engineering plant.

General view of the plant repeaters (photographed from a high point).

Master collects repeater.

6th story "Lapu happiness" tells about dogs helping shepherds feed the sheep of the Stavropol Territory.

Horses, sheep in the pasture.

Shepherd with a flock of sheep near a dog.

Shepherd dogs guard a flock of sheep.

Shepherd boy with a dog. - Hungarian Puli sheep dog and Pumi.

Shepherd Pumi watered with water from the bucket.

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences canine Yu.N.Pilschikov talks about he headed kennel dogs shepherds in ophoze "Temnolesskaya."

Chaban-squatter M.I.Mor with his shepherd dog in the pasture.

Dog cages, dog on the field, the Hungarian sheepdogs puppies.

Sunset on the field.

7th story "International Tournament" tells of a meeting of women's basketball teams and the national team of the RSFSR in Cuba


Fragments of the match in the sports hall of the Palace of Sports, Cuban athletes pass through the hall, flags of the USSR and Cuba, the fans in the stands, the Cuban coach teaches athletes the score, compliments of the Russian team - the winner.

Key words

Komsomol. Landscapes. Electrical industry. Air transport, airports. Livestock. Crop. CPSU. Energy. Building. Fiction. Sculpture. City. Basketball. National life, holidays.