North Caucasus 1977 № 41

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: Yu.Mogilevcev

Operators: V.Dzobaev

Reel №1

The journal is devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Soviet police.

North Ossetia, Moscow


Column policemen walking down the street; an orchestra.

Obelisk in honor of the heroes who died in the struggle for Soviet power; on the plaque inscription: "Here lie buried 17,000 soldiers, commanders, political workers and red guerrillas killed in battle with the White Army in 1919.

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the struggle for Soviet power! ".

Types streets of Vladikavkaz 1920s (Photo).

Photo portrait of the first People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Terek Republic Ya.P.Butyrina.

Photos of the first workers 'and peasants' militia; among them portraits of Chiefs and the Criminal Investigation H.Pskhatsieva A.Meskova, city police chief Vladikavkaz M.Grinberga, regional police chief D.Godzhieva.

Milita of 1941-1944 Column policemen outside Vladikavkaz.

Hour looking through binoculars.

Anti-urchins on the street.

Soviet soldiers run through the city streets.

North Ossetia, Moscow


Former commandant of the garrison Zotov remembers the work of the police during the war (synchronously).

Policemen are near the building of the North-Caucasian newsreel studio.

Veteran, Commander of the Order of the Red Star, a policeman B.P.Brtsiev regulating traffic on a city street.

Veteran, Commander of the Order of the Red Star, the assistant duty officer Interior Industrial F.V.Hugaev executive committee for the remote control while on duty.

Group of police officers sits in the car.

Sign with the inscription: "The support center number 8 Delinquency Prevention Industry Executive Committee."

Policemen conduct classes with the warriors of industrial enterprises.

L.G.Togoev police colonels and M.U.Marzaganov talking on the street.

Sign with the inscription: "Nursery police number 2 ATS Industrial Executive Committee."

Police lieutenant S.Marzaganova at work in the children's room the police.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetian ASSR, major general of militia G.A.Alekseev in the office talking about the problems faced by police officers at the moment (synchronously).

Forensic experts at work.

Policemen in the classroom for physical and combat training.

Detachment of mounted police galloping on the high bank of the river.

Policemen on horseback near the stables.

Young policemen entering into service in the Interior, says the text of the oath (synchronously).

Key words

Militia. GAI. City. The Great Patriotic War. Monuments. Cinema.