North Caucasus 1980 № 46

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: R.Kadzova

Operators: B.Nasimov, V.Hlusov, H.Koroev, A.Attaev

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

1st plot.

Warn drillers.

The story tells about the team of drillers Goryachevodskaya control.

In filming the following story:

Drillers at work on the rig.

2nd story.

Channel "Cor."

In the story told about construction in Dagestan channel of the October Revolution.

In the plot was filming the following: construction of an irrigation canal, the work equipment; general view of the canal.

Third plot.

Fattening camp.

In the story told about the camp feedlot 1,500 animals on the farm "Leninists" in May area of ​​Kabardino-Balkaria.

In the story the following filming:

overall view of the breeding camps, harvesting silage for livestock feed; Shipping silage and other feed calves in the camp; calves in stalls, eating food.

4th story.

Marble adorns the city.

In the story told about the use of marble in the decoration of buildings in Nalchik.

In filming the following story:

of buildings in Nalchik, decorated with facing material, which was made at the Baksan brick factory; production processes at the brick factory;  kind of workshop plant, where it is processed marble from Tyrnyauz pink tuff of Chegema etc.

5th plot.


Ali Aliev.

The theme is the former athlete.

Honored Master of Sports, hzaveduyuschemu 2nd Clinical Hospital Makhachkala.

In the story the following filming:

a general view of buildings 2nd Clinical Hospital in Makhachkala; Head Aliyev accompanied by doctors on the bypass patients; Aliyev conducts operations; doctors in the operating room and after the operation; Aliyev said by telephone.

Key words

Fuel industry. Water management. Livestock. Building Architecture. City. Care for the population. Construction industry.