North Caucasus 1982 № 6

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: A.Chubarov

Operators: Chon Nin Gu, Yu.Pritula, S.Coriev, E.Afanasjev

Other authors: Avtor teksta - O.Cagolov, redaktor - T.Tuaeva, diktor - V.Hugaeva, zvukooperator - V.Kachurin, montazhnica - R.Kadzova, muzoformitelj - A.Kajtukov

Reel №1

1 story - "As of February shall not be mad ..."

Dagestan ASSR, city


Lorries passing through the territory Hasavjurtovskogo corn-plant calibration.

Factory shop.

Corn is poured onto a conveyor.

Workers at the calibration machines.

Laboratory staff planted grain germination; germinated seeds.

Calibrated grains are poured into Sheshko packed.

Grain in bags on the conveyor loaded into wagons.

2 story - "About a stone that strengthens the glass"

North Ossetian ASSR

Dolomite Mountains Bosninsky deposit.

Glass jars on the factory assembly line.

Glass vitirina store.

Glass cars.

Territory career "Kavdolomit."

Excavator loads dolomite in lorries.

Crushing machine for processing of dolomite.

Crushed dolomite poured in lorries.

3 story - "The Sequel"

North Ossetian ASSR, the


Tram proehzhaet on Prospect Mira.

The building of the Art Museum.

Posthumous exhibition of Honored Artist of North Ossetia Batra Kalmanova Nikolayevich (1920-1981) at the Art Museum.

Visitors to the museum exhibition.

Among the works of the artist - painting "Bridesmaid Dress", "Bulletin of the Revolution," "Mother of Seven."

K / T plans: 1970. - B.N.Kalmanov works in his studio.

Granddaughter of the artist's easel.

4 story - "The Master"

Chechen-Ingush ASSR was


Worker central pribororemontnoy workshop production association "Groznefteorgsintez" Vasily Bronnikov playing the accordion in the recording studio; working in the studio.

V.I.Bronnikova copyright certificates on inventions "Electronic-acoustic device", "registrar axial downhole WOB", "depth of the recording device." V.I.Bronnikov at home builds pneumatic speargun-spinning.

V.I.Bronnikova wife enjoys grinder, mixer, seaming machine, created by her husband.

Key words

State agricultural enterprises. Extractive industry. Painting. Ingenuity.