North Caucasus 1984 № 13

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: N.Kruglova

Operators: Chon Nin Gu, R.Tokaev, Yu.Pritula

Reel №1

In newsreel includes 5 scenes.

1 plot.

The plot tells of Dagestan Engineering Plant named Hajiyev (Makhachkala).

Communicating factory slogan at the entrance to the "USSR - a haven of peace and socialism."

Workers go to the factory, among them - the repairer-Commander of the Order of the Red Banner Communist M.G.Gadzhiev. M.G.Gadzhiev repair machine in one of the shops, talking to young workers, works for the machine with his son, Valery.

Production processes in the shops of the plant. - Planing, radial drilling, boring and boring machines.

2 plot.

The plot tells the release of a new product - a home vacuum cleaner

"Rocket -77" on Buinaksk aggregate plant (Dagestan ASSR).

Manufacturing process on the shop floors.

Workers in their jobs in the assembly shop, the slogan on the wall "goods for the people - great value!".

Assembling the cleaner "Rocket 77". - Vacuum cleaner, packing box.

3 plot.

The story tells about a new shoe factory in

Ordzhonikidze (North Ossetian ASSR).

Winter, building a shoe factory.

Workers sew shoes in one of the shops.

Cobblers for soles.

Work in the shops of the enterprise.

Factory director K.T.Toguzov among workers in one of the shops. K.T.Toguzov oversees the work of seamstresses.

PNRM. on new models of shoes.

4 plot.

The plot tells the story of a top class cutter Knights of the Order of Labor Glory III degree Honored Worker of the Russian Federation G.P.Shurenko consumer services, 20 years working in the fashion house of

Ordzhonikidze (North Ossetian ASSR).

House of fashion in the foreground - are pedestrians.

Visitors to the Hall of fashion. G.P.Shurenko takes measures to zakazchitsu, talking to seamstresses in the shop.

Cutting fabric shop.

Seamstress at work.

Competition for young fashion designers in the fashion house, contest participants on stage draw fashions.

Models show on stage models created by participants of the contest. G.P.Shurenko the jury evaluates the work.

Spectators in the courtroom.

5 plot.

The story tells about the opening of a new musical-drama theater in

Makhachkala, whose building was constructed in order help earthquake victims Dagestan funds allocated by the administration of the Moscow region.

The theater building, bas-reliefs on the walls.

Hall, - Chandeliers.

Remote control.

Fragments of a large celebratory concert devoted friendship of the peoples of the USSR (dance groups perform folk dance, performance of children's dance group, children released balloons on stage).

The audience applauded.

Key words

National policy. Population. Honorary titles. Soc. competition udarničestvo etc. Engineering. Manufacture of domestic appliances and machines. Leather and footwear industry. Consumer services. Cities, towns. Theatre. Sculpture. Club-type facilities. Amateur Art. Choreography. National life.