North Caucasus 1987 № 33

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: N.Kruglova

Operators: A.Attaev,Chon Nin Gu

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of 4 plots.

The first story.

Hello, School.

The plot tells of September 1 at the new school № 6

Baksan (Kabardino-Balkar ASSR).

Solemn line in the school yard, builders handed over the symbolic key to the school principal.

General view of the school building.

Interiors (workshop, classrooms, dining room, shower).

Pupils with flowers and parents are in the school yard on the ruler.

A high school student holding a first-grader with a bell.

Teachers with first-graders come to school.

Students in the class are sitting at their desks.

The second story.

The October Revolution.

The story tells about the work on the reconstruction of the channel of the October Revolution in the Dagestan ASSR.

Kind of cracked earth.

Water channel.

Work on the reconstruction of the channel - bulldozer working, men establish geodetic device.

Installing pipes in the background - a herd of cows.

Pumping system works.

Irrigation system in action, watering the field.

Tractors go on the field.

PNRM. channel.

Photos of the canal's construction in the early 1920s.

The third story.

Restructuring steps.

The story tells of how switches to the team contract staff Kizilyurtovsky mechanized column construction.

Manufacturing process.

Working in one of the shops.


Elected by secret ballot by the team foreman A.Mamaev talks with workers on the shop floor. A.Mamaev talks about team contract for production of the savings.

The fourth plot.

Derbent - riddle of antiquity.

The plot tells about the work of archaeologists at the walls of the fortress city of Derbent (Dagestan ASSR), about the findings, suggesting that 5000 years of Derbent.

PNRM. on the ramparts.

Archaeologists are digging at the wall.

General view of the excavation.

Archaeologists dig consider finds - buckle, beads, knife, mirror, bronze bells, terracotta figurines fertility deities, etc.

Head of the archaeological expedition of the Dagestan branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical A.A.Kudryavtsev in excavation findings shows and talks about them. - Statue of the deity of fertility, a mirror.

Key words

City. Schooling. National life, holidays. Construction, construction industry. Reclamation. Livestock. Rationalization. Archaeology. Architecture.