16-Day Stay in the USSR.. (1954)

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Director: Kiselev F.


On the stay of the English Parliamentary Delegation in the USSR.

Historical background

September 30, 1954 in Moscow at the invitation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, arrived British parliamentary delegation.

Reel №1

General view of Moscow.

Vnukovo airport terminal building.

Out of the plane members of the British delegation.

Guests are greeted with Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Tarasov, the Supreme Council, senior officials of the Foreign Ministry and Voks, City Council deputies, journalists, part of the British Embassy.

The microphone stand Comrade Tarasov, and head of the British parliamentary delegation Lord Koulreyn (synchronously).

Check out cars with delegates from the airfield.

Reception in the Kremlin British parliamentary delegation.

The delegation was received Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the USSR and chairman of Wolves Nationalities Latsis.

British delegates visiting Moscow.

The building of the Moscow City Council.

The monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Gorky Street.

Shop windows.

Trade in food and department store.

The building of the Lenin Library.

Manezh Square.

The new building of Moscow State University.

Delegates visiting the university.

Delegates attend one of the Moscow schools, talking to students and teachers.

Members of the British delegation to the machine-tool plant "Red Proletarian", examine shop, talk to the workers.

Guests visiting the Moscow Metro, they are accompanied by the chief metropolitan Yezhov.

Reel №2

Agricultural Exhibition (top point).

Members of the British delegation visiting livestock town forest land.

General view of Leningrad.

The train is coming to the platform.

British delegation met with the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council Smirnov, deputy of the Supreme Council and the Council of Leningrad.

Delegates visiting Leningrad.

Neva embankment.

Monument to Peter the Great.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Palace Square and the Winter Palace.

The General Staff building.

The State Hermitage.

Delegates visiting the halls of the Hermitage.

Delegates at the workshop of the plant "Electric power".

Visiting members of the House of Commons House of the Leningrad.

Demonstration of new models of clothes.

British delegation visit Peterhof.

PNRM. Stalingrad (the top point).

Members of the British delegation visiting the building of the new station.

Guests at the Museum of Defense of Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad.

Delegates at Mamaev Kurgan, the "Pavlov's House" (best bastion of defense of Stalingrad).

Delegates talk to children born in the revival of Stalingrad.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Stalingrad during World War II.

Mira Street in Stalingrad.

The building of the planetarium.

The new quay.

Delegates at the Stalingrad tractor factory.

Provide an explanation of the chief engineer of guests Boris Ryabkov.

Tractor off the assembly line.

In the courtyard of the factory Edith Pitt talks to factory worker Ivanov and Kuznetsova.

Delegates at the Palace of Culture of the plant.

Delegates visiting turner Miroshnikov.

Reel №3

The Volga steamer comes with delegates of travelers through the Volga-Don Ship Canal Lenin.

Steamboat is a gateway.

Members of the British Parliament, inspect automatic control mechanisms in the third gateway.

General view of the street and Sverdlovsk.

General view of the plant "Uralmash".

Delegates visiting the factory workshop, canteen, medical center, talking with the workers.

Members of the delegation visiting the model walking excavator.

Geology Museum Hall of Sverdlovsk Mining Institute.

Members of the delegation visiting the collection of minerals and gemstones.

Ralph Clark makes an entry in the guestbook.

Visiting British delegation gold mine near Sverdlovsk.

Guests visiting the mine, talk to the workers.

Visiting delegation of All Saints Church: with delegates talking abbot - Archpriest Dmitry Tishbite.

Members of the British delegation visiting the collective farming of the Agricultural Artel Sverdlov Aramilskogo Area fields, livestock farms, poultry farm, farm machinery.

Members of the British delegation at a dinner at farmers.

Farm chairman Ivan Yakovlevich Korshunov propose a toast to the friendship between the peoples of Britain and the Soviet Union.

General view of the city of Gorky.

Monument to Gorky.

Visiting delegation automobile named Molotov.

PNRM. and a general view of Tbilisi.

Delegates visiting the city.

Monument to Shota Rustaveli.

The building of Tbilisi State University.

Delegates talk with students.

Members of the delegation are on a city street, visit the city market.

Passage of vehicles on the road with the delegates in Gori.

Delegates visiting Muhetsky memorial church of medieval Georgian architecture, talk to the abbot of the temple.

Gori (the top point).

British delegates visiting the house where he was born and spent his childhood IV Stalin.

Reel №4

Members of the British Parliament, visiting vineyards, farm named Malenkov, and then attend a dinner hosted in their honor by the collective farm board.

Farm chairman Piran Anastasov wants delegates farewell.

In the streets of Sochi passing cars with the delegates.

Delegates attending the sanatorium in Matsesta, where rest and treated miners talk to vacationers.

The Black Sea coast.


Delegates tour along the coast to hydroplane.

Delegates to the plane on the way to Kiev.

Kiev airport.

Among the delegation met - Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union Kovpak (welcomed the delegation).

The general view and the streets of Kiev.

The building of the Kiev Shevchenko Opera House.

Members of the British delegation to the ballet theater Ukrainian composer Svechnikova "Marusya Bohuslavka."

A scene from the ballet.

After the performance, members of the British parliament met behind the scenes with leading roles - young Ukrainian dancers, honored artist of Potapova, Ershov and others.

Delegates attending the kolkhoz "Red Ukraine" in the village Gogolevo.

Farm chairman Vinarsky tells delegates farm.

Delegates attending the mass grave where buried 900 people were tortured in a Nazi concentration camp.

Reel №5

Members of the British delegation to pass through farm, visiting the barn, pigsty, talking to farmers.

General plans Kiev and Moscow (the top point).

Members of the British delegation visiting the Kremlin.

Annunciation Cathedral.

Cathedral of the Assumption.

Tsar Bell.

Tsar Cannon.

Ivan the Great Bell.

Reception of the British delegation chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the USSR Volkov and chairman of Nationalities Latsis.

At the reception, the presence of Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Saburov Supreme Council, science, literature and art, officials of the Foreign Ministry, the British Ambassador to the USSR Hayter, People's Artist of the USSR Chirkov, writer Ilya Ehrenburg.

Chairperson of the Council of the Union, Comrade Volkov and head of the delegation, Lord Koulreyn.

Bolshoi Theatre.

The members of the delegation to the foyer of the Grand Theatre, in bed.

Scene from Prokofiev's ballet "Romeo and Juliet."

Dancer Galina Ulanova.

A meeting of delegates from the performers, the conductor - People's Artist of the Soviet Union Fire, of a show artists from the Republic Lavrovsky.

Vnukovo airport terminal building.

Seeing the British delegation to the motherland.

Playing in front of a microphone, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Tarasov (synchronous) and Lord Koulreyn.

Delegates raised the plane.

Aircraft in the air.