The Road in the Taiga (1954)

Documentary №4432, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:24
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Podgoreckaya O.
Screenwriters:Marjyamov E.
Camera operators:Borodyaev Yu., Grek I.
Anouncers:Hmara L.
Text authors:Marjyamov E.


The story of the construction site "Stalin (Novokuznetsk) - Abakan" South-Siberian railway.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Siberian forest.

Forest Lake.

The web on the branches.

River flows.

The cubs are the trunk of a fallen tree.

Coniferous bush.

View of the river from the forest.

Legs walking through the forest of people and horses.

Butterfly flies with the swinging branches.

From the bushes beyond the research team.

People go on stream tree trunk.

People are standing in the middle of the river on the rocks.

Engineer Kazimirov.

There is a marking line of the railway.

Prospectors are on the river bank.

Installing the peg at the picket.

Mark picket in stone.

Forest on the rocks.

River rapids.

People are floating on a raft.

River view from the mountain.

The airplane is flying over the taiga.

Animation: railway line on the map.

The plane flies over the river.

On the plane head of Abakan Karatchaev construction boards.

Chief Engineer Klitschko.

People look down.

Panorama Mountains.

Taiga on the slopes.

Alternating man unfolds drawings, meeting engineers.

Markers on the map.

Drop a felled tree.

People walk through the woods.

The man begins to saw wood.

Workers at the site.

Fall felled spruce.

Bulldozers are clearing the path in the forest.

Head of the 6th mechanized column V.S.Kurmanaevsky bypasses site.

Engineer Kuznetsov passes bulldozer.

The engineer is on a tree trunk.

The column goes through the taiga.

It works road construction equipment.

Spruce Falls.

People crossing a river on a tree trunk.

Workers are building a village.

Birdhouses on trees.

View taiga road.

Alternation: a loudspeaker on a pine tree, a view of the village.

Group kindergarten down the ladder.

Teachers with small children in their arms.

Children and teachers are on the path.

Students go to school.

The postman gets the letter from the drawer.

On the road going through the village of trucks.

River View.

Workers are paving the way along the coast.

Bulldozer P.F.Nevmyvako.

Bulldozer clears the ford across the river. P.F.Nevmyvako conducts through a ford convoy of trucks.

Peg on the picket filled with earth and stones.

Bulldozer on the mound.

Laying railroad tracks.

Markings on the rail.

Platform moves on rails materials.

Freight train with coal.

Placing the ballast under the tracks.

Trip plane aligns canvas.

Laying time paths through the marsh.

Platform loaded with temporary paths.

Construction site in the swamp.

Pumping water out of the pit.

Locations: Republic of Khakassia [755] Kemerovo region [780] Siberia [926]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Workers are building the foundation, the engineers take counsel together.

Construction of the dam.

Altered riverbed.

Rocks on the banks of the river Abakan.

Driller S.Barbayakov rises on a rock.

S.Barbayakov bore hole for explosives.

People disembark from the boat.

With rock slides rope.

Warning sign.

Drillers running away from the scene of the explosion.

Work turns the lever of an explosive device.

Explosions in the mountains.

Engineers are on the rocks.


Views of the river.

Panorama taiga.

End of the road.

Taiga on the mountain slopes.

Working Metrostroi punch tunnel.

Metrostroi emblem above the entrance to the tunnel.

From the platform pulls the truck.

Wall wood.

In the forest, work Excavator brothers Shendrik.

On the mound is a train.

Brothers inspect and repair the excavator.

Women and children make their way through the forest.

Working hand wipes.

They spread a towel on the grass, spread out the food.

Family working lunch in the forest.

On the road going truck with furniture, the arrival of new settlers.

The car enters the village.

Wooden houses on the way people go.

Woman with baby potatoes harvested in the garden.

Woman carrying buckets on a yoke.

Announcement run movies at the club.

Residents of the village.

The loudspeaker on the top of the spruce.

Family Shendrik like closer and sits on a log.

Alternation: people listen to radio, taiga species.

Pole with wires.


The family listens to the radio in the house.

Strong wind.

Rain and thunderstorms.


Burning tree trunk.

The clouds over the mountain.

Work stops the train.

The man picks up the phone, knocking on the lever system.

Obstruction on the tracks.

The man with the phone in his hand.

In ways trolley rides.

The workers go to the site of the dam at night.

Clearing the blockage by torchlight.

Ingredients on the tracks.

Morning landscape.

Worker cleans band stop sign.

Work gives a signal train.

Alternation: trains, semaphores.

The train goes over the bridge across the river.

The train in the mountains.

Transportation of the forest.

The train in the desert.

Post an ancient burial ground.

In the steppe goes up, near the railway grazing flock of sheep.

The rails leaving afar.

M.Atadinova on duty at the post.

The duty to meet the train.

Translation direction.

Loading of grain into cars.

Freight train with different loads.

Houses near the railroad.

Panoramas settlements.

Go through the village of cars.

People on the platform.

Electricians working on the railroad.

The construction of an industrial facility.

View of the village.

Dissolve: peg in place Tomusa stations, wooden wagon, the new station building.

People meet arriving train.

Passengers look through the windows.

The train goes over the bridge (shot from the cabin).

City Building.

Coal mining.

The composition of the coal.

Construction of multi-storey buildings.

People pass a railway bridge.

Views of the city under construction.

View from the cliff railway.

Man climbs the mountain.

People go through the taiga.

Engineer leaves from the trees.

Panorama taiga.

Locations: Republic of Khakassia [755] Kemerovo region [780] Siberia [926]

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