Masters of the Indian Art. (1954)

Documentary №4439, 4 parts, duration: 0:40:09, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gurov S.
Camera operators:Tsitron V., Sher B., Voroncov V.
Text authors:Karavkin U.


On the stay of Indian actors in the USSR.

Historical background:

In August-September 1954, the Soviet Union, visited a group of Indian artists, headed by Deputy Health Minister of India Mrs. Chandrasekhar.

Reel №1

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Aircraft in the air.

Passengers on the plane: Ms.

Chandrasekhar - Head of the delegation leaders of Indian culture and art, the members of the delegation: Gopinath dancer, dancer Tara Chowdhury, singer Asa Singh Mastan, Mira Chatterjee, Surinder Kaur, musicians Gian Ghosh, Keeshan Maharaj, Director of the All India Radio Mallik.

Among the greeters at the Moscow airport - Deputy Chairman Voks Yakovlev, Ambassador of India, Mr.


Out of the plane, Ms.

Chandrasekhar, Ravi Shankar.

Tara Chaudhry greeted with Maya Plisetskaya.

Dancers and Suryamukhi Tombino Devi with flowers.

Playing in front of a microphone, Deputy Minister of Culture of the USSR that

Tverdokhlebov and Ms.


Machines with guests passing on Gorky Street.

Visit the Mausoleum Indian guests.

Indian guests at the building of Moscow State University.

Guests visiting the Moscow Metro, All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

Bolshoi Theatre in the evening.

The audience in the auditorium.

Concert of Indian artists.

Performed patriotic poem (synchronously).

Artist Gopinath performs dance-pantomime, "water", "elephant", "combing the hair" (synchronous).

Reel №2

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Acts singer Asa Singh Mastan (synchronously).

Tara Chaudhry performs the dance "Alarippu" (synchronous).

At the conclusion of the concert the whole group of Indian artists perform the national anthem.

On the stage of Indian artists and masters of Soviet art.

People's Artist of the USSR Igor Moiseyev speech and gives flowers to Mrs.


Meeting with Indian artists prominent Soviet musicians.

Playing Tikhon Khrennikov, composer Ravi Shankar and actor Gopinath.

The piano composer Aram Khachaturian.

Indian artists in the bed of the Bolshoi Theatre.

A scene from the ballet Glier "The Bronze Horseman" (synchronous).

Indian guests of artists of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Indian guests to express "Red Arrow".

The train comes to the platform of the Leningrad station.

Meeting of Indian artists.

General view of Leningrad.

Guests at the Smolny Institute (Room VI Lenin), on the banks of the Neva.

Peter and Paul Fortress.

Winter Palace.

Indian artists visiting pupils Leningrad Choreographic School.

Dancing girls.

Reel №3

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Before the ballet school pupils, in favor Suryamukhi, and Tara Devi Tombino Chaudhry.

Concert of masters of Indian art in the Maly Theater.

Acts composer and singer Ravi Shankar India Radio - one of the best musicians of India.

General view of Kiev.

Indian guests went through the streets of Kiev.

The people at the Opera and Ballet Theatre.


Indian artists are going to the theater.

Festive dance performed by the Naga tribe and Suryamukhi Tombino Devi Chitrasen Singh and Babu Singh (synchronously).

Visiting Indian guests kindergarten.


Chandrasekhar dines with children.

Together with the children play a game Asa Singh Mastan and World Chetteredzhi.

Indian guests to stroll on the boat on the Dnieper.

Together with their colleagues from Kiev: K. Dankevych composer, opera singers

Zoya Gaidai, Boris Hmyrya Mikhail Grishko, Elizabeth Chavdar.

Guests traveling in a car through the streets of Sochi.

Indian artists in the sanatorium.

Ordzhonikidze, on the beach.

Guests ride the speedboat.

General view and streets.

Guests pass through the city appear in the Opera and Ballet Theatre.


Playing singer Mira Chetteredzhi and Surinder Kaur (synchronously).

The general view and the streets of Tbilisi.

Indian artists come out of the hotel, they are greeted residents.

Reel №4

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Indian guests at the Palace of Pioneers, watching performances of pioneers.

Pioneers perform Lezghinka.

Pioneers give Ms.

Chandrasekhar chonguri folk instrument and all guests - pioneer ties.

Indian artists from dance pioneers Lezghinka.

Guests say goodbye to the children.

Highway going car.

General view of the vineyards farm Digomi.

Guests at the vineyards, eat grapes, drink wine.

Street Tbilisi.

Auditorium with the audience in the Theater.


Dance with drums performed by Babu Singh and Nadia Singh (synchronously).

General view of Tashkent.

Street of the city.

Auditorium with the audience in the Theater.

Alisher Navoi.

Dancing Tara Chaudhry (synchronously).

Reception in honor of the ambassadors of India in the Ministry of Culture of the USSR.

Guests welcome Deputy Minister of Culture of the USSR coat.

Among those present at the reception, Tamara Khanum, Maya Plisetskaya and others


Chandrasekhar passes Kaftanov gift from the Indian delegation - the national musical instrument.

Seeing Indian artists at the airport.

Playing Ms.

Chandrasekhar and Kaftanov (synchronously).

Guests climb into the plane.

Movie №0

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