News of the week № 28 (1957)

Newsreel №44629, 1 part
Production: Rostov-on-Don newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:A. Osokina.
Camera operators:B. Manevich.

Reel №1

Special Issue newsreel devoted to Orel.

Countryside of the Spassky-Lutovinova.

Museum-Estate Turgenev.


City Eagle.

Pioneers on tour in the museum.

Traffic and pedestrians.

Monuments to the heroes of World War II.

Production processes at the plant of tractor engineering, factory graders, factory "Techmash" turner wedding factory "Techmash" in the workers' club, festive feast, Waltz Suite (shot in 1956). V. Pashkov at work, meets his wife home from the hospital.

Amateur dance troupe performs Russian dance.

Home depot driver Orlovsky SA Karnaeva.

Karnays watering flower, wife Karnaeva festive table covers.

Karnaevy brothers with their wives and children at the table.

And Train Station Eagle.

Machinists Karnaevy brothers at work.

Movement of freight trains.

Field of hemp on the farm "The Way to the dawn."

A distinguished botanist AP Ezhepetova at work farm "Path to Communism" cow on the summer pastures.

Milking and delivery of milk.

Kindergarten farm "Volkovsky."

School selhozarteli Kalinin.

Children in class.

Students in the classroom in the Orel Pedagogical Institute.

Drama Theater Turgenev.

Fragment of the play "The city actors."

Starring: NS Belousov, Orlov, Popov, EI Aginskaya.

Types of Eagle.

Key words

Standard of living.
Vocational education.
Care for the population.
Pre-school education.

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