The American Agricultural Delegation in the USSR.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuzova Z.

Operators: Grachev I., Tsitron V., Mikhaylov L., Lebedev O.

Text writers: Kriger E., Smirnitskiy U.


The stay of the USA agricultural Delegation in the Soviet Union.

Temporary description

Moscow. Gorky Street (evening plan). Arrival in Moscow Agricultural U.S. delegation headed by William Lambert. Meeting at the airport. Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. Members of the delegation, accompanied by Academician NV Tsitsynym at the exhibition. Area farms. Pilot area farms. Pavilion mechanization. Getting visitors to the success of the best breeders. Delegates on a train from Moscow to Kharkov. Industrial landscape. Kharkov. Streets and squares of the city. Monument to Soviet soldiers. Guests visiting the Institute of Agriculture named Dokuchaev breeding station. Interview with Academician Yuriev. Experimental farm "Ukrainka". Institute Director IA Danilenko welcomes guests. The members of the delegation to the livestock in the field, in the shop of Kharkov tractor plant in the children's sanatorium. Dnepropetrovsk. Delegates to stroll along the Dnieper, attend gang Ilyich, Sinelnikovskoye breeding station. City of Odessa. Delegates, accompanied by the chairman of the collective farm named after Karl Liebknecht M. Grigoriev held the manor farm, go to the house of farmer B. Masyuty. Kolkhoz Budenny. Delegates to pass through the village, visiting the village shop, collective-farm power plant, animal farms. Delegates to the deck of the ship "Victory", to head to the Krasnodar Territory. Yalta. The car pulls up to the guests to the Livadia Palace. Sea. Gulls. Vineyards. Powered Tractor mounted sprayer. Delegates at the holiday table. Krasnodar. Experimental fields of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of oil and oil-bearing crops. Field of peanuts and sunflower. Delegates to the field. Kuban machine-testing station. Delegates visiting the combine. Visiting guests cattle farm, Azov MTS. Steamboat with the delegates on the Don River. Gateway of the Volga-Don canal. Tsimlyanskoye sea. Stalingrad. The streets of the city. The theater building. Station. Delegates at the Museum of Defense of Stalingrad, at Mamaev Kurgan, the Stalingrad milk plant, the construction of hydroelectric power station of Stalingrad. Tashkent. Meeting at the airport. Of welcoming the Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan Muhimedzhanov. Lambert stands. Visiting guests Cotton Research Station, Institute of Agriculture, teahouses. Alma-Ata. Delegates at a sheep farm Uzun Karagale attend Egorievskiy grain farm. Moscow. The delegates visited the Mausoleum of VI Lenin and Stalin. See the sights of the Kremlin. Delegates at the meeting with Deputy Minister of Agriculture P. Kuchumova. Off at the airport.

Reel №1

Moscow (night).

Arrives at Vnukovo airport Agriculture, the U.S. delegation led by William Lamberts, it was met by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.



Delegates through the streets of Moscow (Soviet square, the Grand Theatre).

Visiting delegation VSHV.

The delegation was accompanied by academician Tsitsin.

Delegates to the train Moscow-Kharkov.

Industrial landscape.

Delegates to the streets of Kharkov.

The building Institute.

Dokuchaev out delegates.

Delegates visiting the farm breeding station in Kharkiv, accompanies academic Yuriev.


Loren Soth presents academician Yuriev seed corn.

Visiting delegation pilot institute "Ukraine".

Institute Director Danilenko welcomes delegates.

Delegates visiting the Kharkov Tractor Plant.

Factory Director Sibley speaks to delegates.

Farmer from Washington Asa Clark behind the wheel of the tractor.

Visit the children's sanatorium near Kharkov.

Children are welcome guests, talking with delegates, dance.

Reel №2

In Dnipropetrovsk, guests go out of the hotel, sit in the car and drive through the city streets.

Delegates to make a boat trip on the Dnieper River, drive to the marina village Belenky.

Collective farmers cooperatives them.

Illich, politeness oldest farmer E. Khizhnyak presents delegation Lambert loaf Garldu dick - flowers.

Guests attending Sinelnikovskoye breeding station.

PNRM. Odessa.

Guests get acquainted with the farm collective farm.

Karl Liebknecht, accompanied by the chairman of the collective farm Grigoriev.

Delegates go through the village, go to the house of a blacksmith B. Masyuty.


Olsen talks to the gardener Onishchenko.

Guests visit the farm them.

Budenny meets their farm chairman Posmitnogo.

Black Sea.

Guests on the deck of the ship "Victory".


Delegates visiting the Livadia Palace.

Gardens of Krasnodar Krai (the plane).

Guests at the farm to them.

Molotov visiting vineyards.

At the farm, at the table farmers Dzheksoba congratulate John on his birthday and presented him a cake.


Guests passing through the streets of the city, the people welcomed them.

Reel №3

Delegates visiting the experimental fields of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of oil and oil-bearing crops.

At Kuban State machine-testing station guests watch models of equipment.

Guests are introduced to the farm economy to them.

Stalin, accompanied by the miners Tabakov.

The border of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region.

Guests are greeted at the border by representatives of the Rostov region.

Dr Lambert presented with flowers.

Visiting delegation Azov MTS.

Director of MTS Timkin talking to delegates.

The collective farm "Victory" guests visiting vehicles.

Another group of delegates attending farm them.

Stalin Aksenovskogo district, talking to a collective farm chairman Shapovalov.

The delegation sent by boat to Stalingrad.

River Don, the Volga-Don canal.

Tsimlyanskoye sea.

Stalingrad - PNRM.


Delegates to the streets.

The theater building, train station.

Guests attending the defense of Stalingrad Museum, talk with a member of the museum battle, a veteran of three wars, Kurkin Paramon Samsonovich.


Lambert wrote in the visitors' book.

Delegates visiting the Mamaev Kurgan.

Reel №4

Guests visiting Stalingrad dairy plant.

Inspection of construction of the Stalingrad hydroelectric delegates.

The chief of construction Gievsky says.

Quay Stalingrad.

Delegates are on the ladder.

Volga - PNRM.

Aircraft in the air.

The plane lands at the Tashkent airport.

Visitors are welcomed by the Minister of Agriculture of the Uzbek SSR Muhametdzhanov.


Lambert performs.


Delegates walk in the streets of Tashkent.


Navoi monument.

Visiting delegation Experiment Station Research Institute of Cotton.

The station manager Efimov introduces delegation with the cotton irrigation.

Guests get acquainted with the work of the Central Asian Research Institute of irrigated agriculture.

Delegates attending farm them.

Kaganovich Tashkent region.

Delegates taking collective farm chairman, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

After inspection farm delegation to meals.


Olen is dancing with a girl.

Visiting guests another farm.

Lambert presented with national Uzbek robe.

Delegates in rural teahouse.


Alatau mountain peaks.

Guests visit the sheep farm Uzun Karagaly accompanies Director of the Research Institute Barmintsev.

Glimberg and Olsen treated skin.

Reel №5

Delegation visiting the herd of camels.

Olsen and Kleiner ride camels.

Foothills of the Tien Shan.

Harvesting on virgin soil.

Director Yegoryevsky zernokolhoza Klimov talking to delegates.

Shister Olsen takes the child's hand and kisses.

Travel card for the Soviet Union.


Red Square.

The delegates visited the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

Visits in the Kremlin.

Kremlin cathedrals.

Tsar Bell.

The Supreme Council.

The Grand Kremlin Palace.

The delegation included the building of the Supreme Soviet.

The meeting room of the Supreme Council.

St George's Hall.


Terem Palace.

Tsar's bedchamber.


Reception at the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.

Speech by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the USSR Kugumova, head of the delegation of William Lambert, the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union Charles Bohlen.


Before flying act Lambert, Olson Klajner (synchronously).

Delegates to the mourners say goodbye and board the plane.