The French Parliamentary Delegation In the USSR.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Text writers: Karavkin U.


The stay of the Delegation of the French Parliament led by Pierre Shneiter in the USSR. The delegates are in the following cities: Moscow, Stalingrad, Kiev, Tbilisi, Magnitogorsk, Leningrad.The Delegation reception by N.A. Bulganin.

Reel №1

Paris - PNRM. (The plane).

Moscow (top).

The building of the Maly Theater.

A scene from "Tartuffe" performed by French artists (synchronously).

French writers of the book, translated into Russian.

In class a student reads a poem in French (synchronously).

Playbills named pieces of French playwrights.

Soundman includes tape-recorded voice of French singer Yves Montand.

Kremlin - LS.

The building of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR drives a car.

Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the USSR AP Wolves and Chairman of the Board of Nationalities VT Latsis take the Kremlin French Parliament delegation led by Pierre Shneyterom.

National Assembly deputies and senators visiting the conference room of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, George Hall, the Faceted Chamber, the monuments of the Kremlin.

Visits in the mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

The building of the Moscow City Council.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council M. Yasnov and Deputy Z. Mironov take French parliamentarians.

Z. Mironov talks to Jacqueline Tome-Patenotr - Mayor of Rambouillet.

M. Yasnov acquaints visitors with activities City Council.

Construction of frame-panel houses on Sand Street.

Delegates to the building.

Passing cars on the street with the delegates.

The old building of Moscow State University.

The new building of the University.

Delegates talk with professors, visiting the hall, looking at the Moscow area with 24 floors.

PNRM. Moscow.

Visits in the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

The delegates in the halls.

Visits in hospitals of the Ministry of Railways.

Delegates visiting the metro station "Arbat", delegates to the train station.

Muscovites welcome French parliamentarians at the exit of the subway.

Delegates took place in the auditorium of the theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Reel №2

A scene from the ballet "Swan Lake" (synchronous).

Delegates applauded.

Aircraft in the air.

Pierre Shneyter, Raymond Shmittlen, Antoine Guitton, Alex Gruber, Robert RBE on the plane.

Delegates at Stalingrad staircase at Mamaev Kurgan, laying a wreath on the grave of the fallen heroes.

Delegates to the National Museum includes the defense of Stalingrad, get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum.

Delegates to examine one of the gateways of the Volga-Don Canal, talk with the workers.

Embankment of the Dnieper.

Delegates at St.

Vladimir's Hill.

Khreschatyk - LS.

Delegates pass on the street.

Tbilisi (the plane).

Street of the city.

Passing cars with the delegates.

Delegates visiting the church of Sveti Tskhoveli in Muhete.

Visiting delegates Winery.

Sverdlovsk - LS. (Top).

Visits in "Uralmash": delegates pass through the plant in the factory shop.

Delegates in the territory and in the shop of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine.

Delegates at Mount Magnet Mine.

Leningrad - LS.

Train is approaching the station.

Delegates met deputies of the Leningrad Council.

Delegates pass on the street of Leningrad.

Delegates visiting the Hermitage Museum: Hall of French applied art 17-18 century.



Receiving NA deputies to the French Parliament Bulganin and member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, NS Khrushchev.

Pierre is Shneyter delegates.

NA Bulganin and NS Khrushchev talking to delegates.

At a press conference the Head of delegation Shneyter Pierre, vice chairman of the National Assembly Communist Andre Mercier, socialist Eduard Despres, chairman of the parliamentary group of radicals Vincent Badie, a member of the "Republican and social action."

Barrashen Edmond, chairman of the parliamentary group of independent Republicans.

Pierre Gare.

Seeing the delegation at the airport.

Pierre stands Shneyter (synchronously).

Delegates to the mourners say goodbye and climb into the plane.

Aircraft in the air.