Inviolable Friendship.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.


The Gala Sessions in Moscow and Warshaw on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the USSR and Poland.

Historical background

April 20, 1955, arrived in Moscow government delegation of the Polish People's Republic. On the same day in Warsaw, the Soviet government delegation arrived, headed by NS Khrushchev.

Reel №1

General view of Moscow (top).

Square in Moscow.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Poland.

Government delegation to the meeting of the Polish People's Republic of Central Airport profits NA Bulganin, LM Kaganovich, V. Molotov, representatives of NGOs, embassy Polish People's Republic, headed by Ambassador Levikovskim, heads and staff of other embassies and missions.

Landing aircraft.

Out of the plane, the delegation headed by the Chairman.

Council of Ministers Jozef Cyrankiewicz.

Past the honor guard are comrades Bulganin, Molotov, Cyrankiewicz, members of the Polish delegation.

Machines with a delegation depart from the airport.

General view of Warsaw.

Meet the Soviet government delegation at the airport.

Out of the plane first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, NS Khrushchev greets the First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' Boleslaw Bierut and members of the Polish government.

In the Soviet delegation: Marshal IS Konev, comrades O. Ivashchenko Maxim Tank YU.YU, Matulis.

The streets of Warsaw.

Destroyed Warsaw (newsreels).

Building in Warsaw.

Laying a wreath at the governmental delegation of the USSR in the cemetery and mausoleum of Soviet soldiers in Warsaw.

The ceremonial meeting in the hall of the Polish National Theatre, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Soviet-Polish treaty of friendship, mutual assistance, and postwar cooperation.

At the podium - the leaders of the Polish United Workers' Party and the Government, members of the Soviet government delegation.

Grand meeting opened by the Chairman of the State Council of the People's Republic of Poland Aleksander Zawadzki.

The report serves NS Khrushchev (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

20/IV. Gala evening dedicated to the same date, in Moscow, in the Hall of Columns.

The presidium fellow NA Bulganin, VM Molotov, LM Kaganovich, KE Voroshilov, GM Malenkov, Jozef Cyrankiewicz, AI Mikoyan, MG Pervukhin, AN Kosygin CH.F. Tevosyan EA Furtseva, LN Nightingales Levikovsky ambassador and others.

The report supports the Minister of Culture of the USSR Mikhailov (synchronously).

Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of the Polish People's Republic Yu Cyrankiewicz (synchronously).

Reel №2

Red Square, the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin, the Polish government delegation comes with a wreath.

Visits in the house-museum of VI Lenin in Gorki.



Projection camera, which VI Lenin showed movies.

Among the delegates Yu Cyrankiewicz.

Gazebo in the garden, bench, which often rested VI Lenin.

Visiting Soviet Polish government delegation gosselhoza "Fomanikuv 'and agricultural producers' cooperative' Yatskovitse."

Polish peasants pass NS Khrushchev hospitality.

NS Khrushchev talking to farmers, with the children.

Speech to Soviet delegates rural musicians and dancers.

NS Khrushchev and Boleslaw Bierut among Polish farmers

PNRM. - Metallurgical Combine them.

Lenin's New Huta.

The Soviet government delegation in a shop complex.

The rally in the shop.

NS stands Khrushchev.

The Soviet delegates talk with the workers.

Factory Visits "Dynamo" to them.

Kirov Polish government delegation led by Jozef Cyrankiewicz.

Yu Cyrankiewicz speaking to factory workers.

Visiting Polish delegation constant Union Building Exhibition.

Delegates visiting the Union art exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery.

Removed a number of paintings.

Yu Cyrankiewicz a painting.

Reception of the First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers to the Minister of Foreign Affairs VM Molotov government delegation of the Polish People's Republic.

Yu Cyrankiewicz other delegates greeted with NA Bulganin VM Molotov, talk to them.

Seeing 25/IV Polish government delegation to the homeland.

At the airport the Polish delegates, NA Bulganin, LM Kaganovich, RM Molotov and others.

The microphone stands Yu Cyrankiewicz.

Delegates raised the plane.

MS. - Warsaw.

LS. - Palace of Culture and Sciences.


Soviet government delegation met with the construction of the Palace.

NS Khrushchev and B. Take a talk with the workers.

Off at the airport (26/IV) Soviet government delegation.

Escorted guests: Take Yu, A. Zawadzki, J. Cyrankiewicz, Rokossovsky and others.

The microphone stands, NS Khrushchev.

The Soviet delegates farewell to the mourners.