Declared enemy of the people. (1988)

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Director: M. Serkov

Operators: L. Sadkovoj, O. Shelyugin

Anouncers: M.A.Gluzskij


Actor Michael Gluzsky tells about the fate of the Chief of the 25th Infantry Division I.S.Kutyakova, who was shot in 1938. The film includes archival and family pictures, shots Chronicle, an interview with his wife and friends of Commander.

The revolutionary events of 1917 | Russian civil war | Generals and war heroes | Stalin's era

Reel №1


Reel №2

Grazing camels.

On the steppe a herd of horses.

The bushes, flocks of birds over the lake.

K. T. Says Dodonova.


Dry land.

The steppe fleeing camels.

Shrub steppe, sunlight.

The diary page.

K. T. Dodonova.

Steppe vegetation.




View of Guryev (Atyrau).

A memorial plaque on the house.


The page order.

The disappearing boat.

The wooden staircase.

House, where he was awarded the I. S. kutyakova.

Cat on the roof slope.

Overgrown front garden.

A view of the river from the embankment.

The alternation of abstract painting, the artist in the Studio (the image twitches, the sound disappears).

Dissolve: on the pavement going people, photography, I. S. kutyakova (the image twitches, the sound disappears).

Says the old man.


Alternation: he said a patient in the hospital, crockery and flowers on the table, fragments of drawings.

The alternation of a veteran talking to a journalist on the lawn.


Kazakhstan [114] Samara [894]

Reel №3


A flock of geese on the shore.

View of the village.

Monument to S. I. Kutakov in the village of Krasnaya Rechka (formerly Shelters).


Rural street.

The exhibits in the house Museum of S. I. kutyakova.


K. T. Dodonova with a photo in hand.

The card fronts.


Church with a bell tower behind the trees.

The camera moves back, the view of the river and opposite shore.

Chronicle 1920-ies:

Cavalry crossing on a pontoon bridge.

The commanders of the railing of the bridge.

Riders gallop along the shore.

Books I. S. Kutyakova.

Cavalry troops passing grove.

The pages of the book.

Budyonny speaks to soldiers with it.


The cavalry attack.


K. T. Dodonova.

The alternation of a memorial complex photos.

Newspaper "Red Star".

Chronicle 1920-ies:

Galloping across the steppe horsemen.

The troopers at the gate.

Soldiers come into the yard, a guard closes the gate.

The squad leaves.

Sentries guarding the weapons.

The star on Flagstaff.

Alternation: city streets, rallies.

Alternating photographs of the soldiers posing.

K. T. Says Dodonova.


K. T. Dodonova.

The guard unlocks the door and walks down the hallway.

The man opens the locker.

The Picture I. S. Kutyakova.

Dissolve: the photo, on the pavement there is a man (lost sound).


Alternation: the veteran tells, photos.

Says a patient in the hospital.


The alternation of abstract painting, the view of the Novodevichy convent.


Budyonny S. M.-Marshal of the Soviet Union, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the First cavalry army of the red army during the Civil war, 1-St Deputy Commissar of defense, the commander of the cavalry during the great Patriotic war, the Deputy Minister of agriculture of the USSR on the breeding of horses.




Moscow [820] Samara region [800] Turkmenistan [225]

Reel №4

The alternation of abstract painting, memorial stones, the streets of Moscow.

The diary page.

Moscow river, view of the bridge.

Release Soyuzkinozhurnala":

The alternation of the accompanying text, the editors working on the film.

B. A. Babochkin with makeup.

Portrait Of V. I. Chapaeva.

B. A. Babochkin puts on his cap.

Frames feature film "Chapaev" (1934, Directors G. N. Vasilyev, S. D. Vasiliev).

Monument. in Samara.

The star on the wall of the building.

River waves.

Book I. S. kutyakova autographed.



K. T. Dodonova with the photo album in his hands.

The pages of the album.

Boats on the river, the sunlight (the image loses focus).

Alternating photographs, pages of Newspapers, says literary editor.

Says a patient in the hospital.

Photo (lost the sound).

Alternation: tell the patient in the hospital and literary editor.

K. T. Says Dodonova.


The veteran tells.


Abstract painting.


B. A. Babochkin-actor and film and theater Director, theater teacher, writer, Hero of Socialist Labor, people's artist of the USSR.




Moscow [820] Samara [894]

Reel №5