Tour Along the Argentine.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Script writers: Bessarabov I., Gusev S., Kaspiy D.

Operators: Bessarabov I., Gusev S., Kaspiy D.


A landscape film about towns, people, industry and agriculture of the Argentine.

Reel №1

Cameramen Bessarabov, Gusev, Caspian sit at the table and talk about their trip to Argentina.


City of Buenos Aires - capital of Argentina.

Views of the city.

Street leading to Palermo.

Korientus Street.

Columbus Monument.

The building is the Cabildo (the former municipality, the oldest building in Buenos Aires.)

Monument to General San Martin - the hero of the struggle for the liberation of Argentina.

The building of the Congress - "Pink Palace."

Changing of the guard of honor.


Obelisk in memory quatercentenary.

Prospect "9 July."

The theater building is named Columbus.



Korientus Street.



Florida Street, a street Korientus.

Advertising French vaudeville.

Cinema "Grand Cake."

Street lavage.

Advertising films.

Cinema "promotion."

Advertising the film "Masters of Soviet ballet."

Monument Spain.

Monument "Hymn to Labor" - Rozhelio Irrutia.

The construction of the building.

Construction of the theater.

Skyscraper "Square of May."

Sketches of city life.

University Faculty of Medicine.

Students come from the university.

Reel №2

Lunch break for workers of different professions - a working port, streetcar, builders, etc.

The port of Buenos Aires (removed from the aircraft).

Is loading goods on ships of various countries.

Soviet ship "Argun" captain "Argun" Vladimir Baghlan.

Tourists on a Soviet ship talk to the crew.

Guests dance Argentine folk dance.

Soviet sailors sing and dance.

Tourists say goodbye and leave.

Rakr "Palermo" (the plane)

Tree "Ombu."

Trees "araucaria".


Andalusian patio.

The people in the park.

The street in Buenos Aires.

Salyari artist makes sketches in the working area.


Pampa steppes.


Gough catch cows, driven cattle.

Cattle at slaughter.


Livestock sold whole batches.

Exhibition of Livestock.

Tractors on display.

Gough on horseback.

Reel №3

Residents of Pampa - Gough riding.


From all around the people gathered on the detour horses.

Ball game on horseback - "Pato."

The fight for the ball.

Gough evening gather around the fire, drinking tea, playing guitar.

Performance of folk songs dance "Chukarev."

They dance "samba", "milongas".

The song "Malambo" performed by Norma Martin and music by Eber Lobato.

Reel №4

Multkarta Argentina.

Landscape (removed from the aircraft).

Strait of Magellan.

Island "Tierra del Fuego".

Mountain landscape.

The administrative center of Tierra del Fuego - the town Ushuapa.

Residents of the town.

Traffic on the street.

Coast of Patagonia.

Ocean shore.

Fishing harbor.


Selling fish at auction.

Amateur fishermen.

Resort Mar del Plata.

The hotel building.



Mountain landscape.

Lake Powell - Huapi.

Bariloge - ski center.






G.Tukuman (removed from the aircraft).


Shop crafts.


Artist Bernalda de Quiros - painting.

Residents of Tucuman - Indians.

Subtropical region - Chaco.

Loggers cut down trees "kebrago."

Reel №5

Stone - border Tropic of Capricorn.

Orange trees.

Picking oranges.

Tobacco plantation.

Harvesting tobacco.

Oil rigs.

Oil production.

Burning natural gas.

North-west of Argentina on the border with Bolivia.

Border guards.

Indian village.


Sugar cane plantations.

Indians harvested cane.

Rider on a horse.


Caravan of donkeys.


City Humahuaca.

Editorial plans.

Living on the street.

Carnival celebration.

Performers dance group perform dances "Sombrerito", "Karnavalito."

Reel №6


North-east of the country.

Province of Misiones.


Pass laborers.

Rides overseer.

Tea plantation.

Harvesting (local tea Mate).

Iguazu Falls.

Cascade "Devil's Throat".


Iguazu River, which merges with the river Parana.

The border of three countries - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The plane flies over the Parana.

Buenos Aires.

Football game at the stadium between "Rinerpley" and "Independiente".

The people at the stadium.

Meeting cameramen Bessarabova, Gusev, with members of the Caspian institutakulturnyh ties Argentina - Soviet Union.

Present rassmatrivayutknigi Gorky, Pushkin, Ostrovsky.

Writer Maria Rosa Oliver, a member of the Bureau of the World Peace Council, Pablo Ganusso,

Professor of Chemistry, Chairman of the Institute of Cultural Relations of Argentina - the USSR.

The streets of Buenos Aires.

Cinema building.

Billboard named Lolita Torres.

Cameramen in the studio.

In the studio at the shooting of the film "Love at first sight."

Singing actress Lolita Torres.

Directed by Leo Fleyder actress gives an indication.

Cameraman measures the light.

Cameramen farewell to staff the studio and go.

Buenos Aires in the evening.