Povolzhie № 12 (1976)

Newsreel №46273, 1 part
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:G. Timofeeva
Camera operators:A. Nazarov, Yu. Tuntuev, A. Kostin, B. Volkov
Other authors:Tekst - A. Solonicin. Zvuk - V. Shubin

Reel №1

Reconstruction of the open-hearth furnaces, rolling mill at the Kuibyshev Metallurgical Plant named after Lenin.

Laboratory Ryazan chemical fiber plant, in which the number of employees including the General Secretary of the Communist Youth League Chile Gladys Marin.

Employee of the lab at work, fulfilling targets for themselves and Gladys Marin, listing earned for her money in the Fund for Peace.

The city of Gorky.

Photo exhibition of photographer N. Dobrovolsky, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of creative activity.

Cooks district center Sengilei Ulyanovsk region for work on baking cakes.

Transportation of finished cakes in the surrounding villages.

Movement of trams, buses on the streets of


Repair of trams in the depot.

Former circus gymnast NF Krainov conducts classes circus mug Palace of Culture "in Russia


Speech circus gymnasts before the audience.

Key words

Chemical industry.
Youth organizations.
International workers' solidarity.
The struggle for peace.
Local industry.
City transport.
Club-type facilities.

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