The VII Winter Olympic Games.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Oshurkov M.

Operators: Leongardt U., Oshurkov M.

Anouncers: Sinyavskiy V., Khmara L.

Text writers: Prok I.


The holding of the VII Winter Olympic Games in the Italian city of Cortino d'Ampezzo.

Sporting events


Reel №1

Street in Rome.


Athletes pick up the torch.

Hence the Olympic torch relay race will be delivered to the site of the Winter Olympic Games.

European champion discus thrower Adolfo Konsolini first carries the torch.

Honorary escort accompanying the Olympic torch leaves Rome.

Map of Italy.



Mark's Square a group of Soviet tourists.

Cortina D'Ampezzo - the place of the Olympic Games VII.

Misurina place.

The lake, which held competitions skaters.


Ski stadium.

Opening day of the VII Olympic Games.


In central box - Italian President Giovanni Gronchi and heads the Olympic Committee.

Parade of athletes discover Greece.

Go sports delegations from 31 countries.

On an ice field - athletes of the USSR.

In the stadium - Italian champion in speed skating Guido Caroli.

Athletes - Olympic Games VII participants read their words of the oath.

The opening of the Olympic Games VII.

To "ski area" starts Soviet athletes Pavel Kolchin, Fedor Terentyev, V. Kuzin, Czech Ilya Matous, Swede Per Erik Larsson.

Reel №2

Competition for the title of Olympic ski champion.

Ski racing on the track - Yugoslav Stephen Robach, the group leader Pavel Kolchin, go skiing and the Norwegian FA Terentyev Perry Olsen.

To finish approaching V. Kuzin.

The last hundred meters is Veikko Hakulinen.

Third place is P. Kolchin.

V. Kuzin finish the race with the fifth result of the day.

Sixten Ernberg finish, he took second place.

Veikko Hakulinen wins.

Audience rocking winner.

Rink in Misurina.

At the rink are Soviet coach Kudryavtsev and Grishin - party of the first race.


For the most track runs E. Grishin, the small - Englishman John Cronshaw.

E. Grishin sets a new world and Olympic record, second place is a Soviet speed skater R. Rook.

On an icy track run Yu Sergeyev and Japanese Shinkishi Takemura, R. Rook and American Kenket Henry.

Yuri Mikhailov start and Finn Juhani Järvinen.


The title of Olympic champion is awarded makes bones and Conti.

Cross-country skiing at a distance of 15 kilometers.

Start P. Kolchin, Veikko Hakulinen, V. Kuzin, Swede Sixten Ernberg.

At a distance - M. Gallo, Nikolai Anikin, Veikko Racine Swedish, Norwegian Stokke Martin and H. Brand, Swede Per-Erik Larssen behind the brand.

Vladimir Kuzin seeks to catch up with the brand - past Olympic champion at the distance of 18 kilometers.

Reel №3

Ski stadium.

Athletes finish the last third of the way.

Down M. Gaul, Veikko Racine, N. Anikin, Lennart Larsson, Martin Stokke (Norwegian), J. Brand, B. cousins, Hakon Brusvin Norwegian, Swiss Werner Zwingli, Sixten Ernberg.

With the best result finishing Halgeyr brands.

The skating rink in Misurina - PNRM.

Running at a distance of 5000 m

Running German H. Kunert and Austrian Franz Offenborger.


Kunert set a new Olympic record.

Start Oleg Goncharenko and Finn Kauko Salomaa.

In tandem with the American-Mac runs Namar B. Shilkov.

B. Shilkov sets Olympic record.

Spectators and athletes welcome Shilkova.


Slalom competitions for women.

Canadian start Lyusila Vinler, Austrian Regina Schopf, Swiss Madeleine Beltod, Eugene Sidorov.

Austrian finish Hilda Hofner and American Andrea Lawrence Maid.

First place and the gold medal awarded Swiss René Collar, second place - Regina Schopf, third - E. Sidorova.

Ski stadium.

In the relay starts Kozyrev's first love, the second - Swedish skier Irma Iohansson, Sirkka Polkunon, Norwegian Kvelfrig Brussvin.

A. Kozyrev ends its stage in front of all with the result of 22 min.58 sec.

Reel №4

On the road - Kolchin Mirja Hientanis, Anna Eriksson, Norwegian Regluna.

Ends its first phase Kolchin and passes the baton Rade Eroshina.

Finn ends the first baton Sintra Rantanen, the second - Radya Eroshina.

Misurina rink.

The small track runs Finn Toivo Salonen at large - Takeya Japanese Asadzaka.

Salonen finishes the race - more than the world record.


Race strongest skaters.

Ran E. Grishin and Swede Gunnar Strom.

Grishin sets a new world record.

In the next race involved Yu Mikhailov and Korean skater Guo Yong Sik.

Mikhailov comes second only to E. Grishina.

In a solemn ceremony Soviet skaters E. Grishina, Yu Mikhailov and Estrie awarded medals.

Tofane mountain.

Launch party downhill.

Anton Sailer finish.

Seiler greet and shake.

Report for the City of

Cortina d 'Ampezzo.

Race at 50 km.

A start Shelyuhin, V. Baranov, Veikko Hakulinen, Siketen Ernberg, F. Terentyev, P. Kolchin, Eero Kolohmannen Martin Stokke.

Reel №5

The race is Veikko Hakulinen.

Is V. Baranov.

With the best time is Sixten Ernberg.

Athletes overtake one another.

Ernberg bypasses Swiss Fritz Tsurbuhena.

Ernberg finish S., F. Terentyev, A. Shelyuhin, Veikko Hakulinen.

Wins the Sixten Ernberg - Sweden.


At the start of giant slalom are tourists and agonists.

Start: Ossi Reichert - Germany, Labor Klekor - Austria, E. Sidorova - USSR Morizetta Agnelli - France, Dorothea Hohleytner - Austria, Boghild Niskin - Norway.

Gold Medal awarded by the German athlete Ossi Reichert.


Jump: Nicholas Shamov, N. Kamensky, Norwegian Sverre Stenersen, Frenchman Richard Rabasa, Czech Mojmir Shtuklin, German Harry Glass, Finn Aulis Kallakorti, Finn Antti Hyuverinen.

Best result in anti Hyuverinena.

Street of the city - PNRM.

Ice Stadium.

Match between the USSR and the USA hockey.

Reel №6

Match between the USSR and the USA hockey.

U.S. team goalkeeper Willard Ike.

Goalkeeper of the USSR N. Tufts.

The match ends 4-0 in favor of the Soviet Union.

The tourists on the streets.

Competitions in figure skating.

Speakers: American Carol Hayes, Tenli Albright and others

Reel №7

On an ice field - American athlete Ronald Robertson.

Arbitrary exercise performs Case Allen Jenkins - U.S., he gets the title of Olympic champion.

In pair skating act Marianne and Laszlo Nagy - Hungary.

Canadians on the ice field Dafos France and Norris Bowden.

Olympic silver medal awarded Frans Dafos and Norris Bowden.

Playing Austrian athletes Elisabeth Schwarz and Kurt Oppelt, they are awarded the title of Olympic champions.

Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Men's ski relay.

On the route of the first stage ahead of the FA is Terentyev, in second place - Finn Kiuru Augustus, the third - the Norwegian Hakon Brusveen.

Is Austrian Sepp Shneerberger.

VF Kolchin Terentyev passes the baton.

Finn finishes Iorma Kartalaynen, Kolchin, a Swede, Gunnar Samuelsson, an Italian Ottavio companion.

Reel №8

P. Kolchin passes the baton to Nikolai Anikin.

Go skiers Iorma Kartalaynen, Arvo Vintanen, Per-Erik Larssen, finishing Nikolai Anikin.

Is V. Kuzin.

Arvo Vitanov passes the baton to the Olympic champion Veikko Hakulinenu.

Newscaster reports that Vladimir Kuzin baton finishes with the result of 2 hours 15 minutes. 30 seconds.

Team Finland finishes second.

People go to the ice stadium.

Hockey match between the national teams of the USSR and Canada.

Soviet team captain Vladimir Bobrov hands pennant Canadian team captain Jack Makkendi.

Swedish referee Alain and Iceberg sent off for being rude Canadian player.

At the gates of the Canadian national team goalkeeper Keith Woodall, at the gates of the Soviet national team goalkeeper Tufts.

The first half ends with the score 0-0.

Reel №9

Ice Stadium.

Begins the second period of the match.

Yury Krylov opens an account.

The second goal was scored Vladimir Kuzin.

Canadians congratulate the winners - the Soviet hockey players.

Closing day of the Seventh Olympic Games.


International Olympic Committee President Avery Brendedzh speaks.

There is an Olympic banner.

On the podium in the Olympic Committee.

Standard bearers leave the ice field.

Arrival to Moscow players.

Greeters at the airport presented Olympic Champion, World and European flowers.

Rally on the square to honor the winners.

Meeting opened by the Chairperson of the Moscow City Committee for Physical Culture and Sport Pushkov.

Speakers: Deputy Chairman of the All-Union Committee on Physical Culture and Sport Peslek Captain yard hockey team "Stargazer" Arbatsky, Honored Master of Sports Vladimir Bobrov.

At the Kiev station meet other members of the Seventh Olympic Games.


Deputy Chairman serves Union Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Postnikov.

In response, the AP acts Kolchin.

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