I bless the new home .... (1988)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Proshkin V.

Script writers: Denisov V.

Operators: Tishkevich S.


In a poetical way, the film tells about the building of new cities in today's Siberia. The honoured architect E. Zubovsky speaks about the problems of town-planning.

Russian cities and regions | Construction | Housewarming

Reel №1

Train roller skaters.

Lit candle.

Young man.

Those viewers.

A fragment of a rehearsal.

People's faces.

Director extinguishes the lamp.

Wind in the tundra, drifting snow.

Children draw.

Flowers on the windowsill, view from the window.

The boy's face.

View of the Yenisei River from the embankment.

Types of Divnogorsk. E.A.Zubkovsky draws.

Architects at the blackboard.

Alternation: Divnogorsk areas, interviews with E.A.Zubkovskim monuments.

Laying asphalt. T.G.Terpatovskaya and her flower farm.

Alternation: blooming roses, transmission line components.

Flowing water.

Dam Hydroelectric Power Station.

View from the dam on the river.


High-voltage power lines.

Turbine Hall.


Lines under construction dam hill.

Excursion for foreigners.


Sayanogorsk on view.

Violin lessons at a music school.


Children shout and applaud.

The musicians on stage.

The man with the symbolic key in hand.

Construction quarter.

Sayanogorsk Streets. E.A.Zubkovsky draws.

Architects working on blueprints.

Building layouts.

People are discussing the city plan.


Zubkovsky EA - Soviet architect, designer, social activist, director Krasnoyarskgrazhdanproekt Institute, Honoured Architect of the RSFSR.


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Republic of Khakassia [755]


Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Wind in the tundra, drifting snow.

Norilsk industrial facility.

Construction of houses.

Alternation: Norilsk quarters, says E.A.Zubkovsky.

Children are engaged in the pool.

Fill the ice rink. E.A.Zubkovsky.

Types Sosnovoborsk.

Sunset over the mountains.

LEP. Pointer to KATEK. The woman at the bus stop, passing by the truck.

Adults and children in the streets of the unfinished city.

Truck carries building materials.

View on houses under construction.

Tells E.A.Zubkovsky.

Workers at the site.


Parents with stroller walk past construction sites.

Under construction high-rise buildings. E.A.Zubkovsky.

View of one of Sharipovo quarters.

Interim settlement Dubinino.


Children's sports competitions.

Marathon participants, adults and children.

Students in Sharypovo streets.

in the coal mine type, a freight train.

On the ground water flows.

Alternation: reed stems, work on the extraction of coal, city, planes in the sky.

The view from the window of a moving train.


Young sings with a guitar.

The meeting before being sent to the Siberian construction.

Gliders up the hill.


The athlete went up the hill.

The child's face.

Hang gliders in the air.


Zubkovsky EA


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Norilsk [927]


Autumn [826] Winter [823]