100 Days in Burma. (1957)

Documentary №4821, 7 parts
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Varlamov L.


On the contemporary Burma's life.

Reel №1

Tu-104 in the air.

Landscape plan (removed from the aircraft).

Buddhist temples, monks in the streets.



Ancient Buddhist temples.

G. Mandalay.

Fortress, the pagoda.

Shwe Dagon Pagoda - LS., MS., CU.

Peace Pagoda near Rangoon - LS., MS.

Ritual dances and ceremonies in the streets of Burma's cities.


U Nu commits ritual.

G. Rangoon.

Streets and buildings of the city.

Hot day.

Residents of the city are buying coconuts and drink the juice.

Reel №2

Flower market in Rangoon.

Monument to fighters for freedom and independence of the country.

Aung, the Mausoleum


Obelisk independence.

Celebration in

Rangoon Independence Day (January 4, 1957).

President of the Union of Burma Dr. asthma takes military parade.

Pass the troops.

Are tanks, fly planes.

In the area - agricultural machinery.

Is a demonstration of workers.

Burma's parliament building.

MPs before the meeting.

President's Palace.

Royal throne in the palace.

Meeting in Rangoon Emperor of Abyssinia Haile Salassiya, Premier of the State Council of China, Comrade.

Chou En-lai.

Material removed from the positive copy.

Meeting in Rangoon Marshal GK Zhukov.

Soviet guest presented with flowers.


U Ba Swe greets Marshal.

Meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Landscape plans.

Recovery of war-torn bridges, roads.

Reel №3

Construction of the rolling mill in the mountains.


Construction manager engineer Aung Khin talks about during his (synchronously).

Jute mill.

Work in the shops.

Rangoon State Textile Factory.

Workers at their machines.

Finished products factory.

Pharmaceutical Plant.

Vitamin shop.

Workers at their machines.

Sort of finished products.

Settlement of miners.

Mines Bodvin - plaque.

The cage is lowered into the mine.

Preparation plant.

Loading of ore and finished products.

Tungsten development (near Tavo).

Washing, crushing rocks.

Ruby development (district of Mogok).

Precious stones.



Residents of the city are sent to the market.

Buyers in the market.



Market town street.


Disciples - representatives of tribes.

Lesson - synchronously.

Agricultural Experiment Station.

Says on its U Ba Khin.

Cattle farm near Tagundzhi.

Reel №4


Medical Clinic of the cooperative.


Meeting of the National Council.



Center of mass education.

Lesson "keep it clean."

The construction of the school.

Builders have lunch.

Lesson in a school for adults.

Burmese perform folk dance (synchronously).

A woman from the tribes Taunt - pao and listens to the song, sing it, and a recorded sound engineer.

Women of the Padaung tribe.

Pyzazhny plan.

Hydroelectric, the first in the country.

Landscape plans.

Inle Lake.

Houses on the water.



Village festival on Inle Lake.

Folk dances (synchronously).

Rowing competitions among men.

G. Tagundzhi.

Rite wedding.

Reel №5



Worked as a loader.

Soviet ships in the port.

G. Rangoon.

Street of the city.




New blocks of houses.

Construction of the radio center.

Opening of the Institute of Technology.

Rangoon University.

Students on the playground.

The building of the Company transfers.

Among the group of writers - the writer Takin Kodo Hmaing.

Museum in Rangoon.

Tourists visiting the exhibits.

Artist Yam Ting It provides an explanation of tourists.

Episodes of Burmese films.

Film actors.

Beauty contests and power in City Hall.

Winners: Joe Tint (among boys), Ma Tang (girls).

Visiting members of the Soviet kinogruppy Burmese Prime Minister U Nu.

Prime Minister speaks to the microphone newsreels.

Burmese students are at the flag and sing the (synchronous).

Landscape plans.

Reel №6

Cotton plantations.

Seed Farm in T-Rana.

Irrigation canal.

Taung Dam.

Rubber plantations Minya Genasse on Roman coast.

Drying of rubber.

Extraction of palm juice.

Farmers in the rice fields.

To p.

Irrawaddy barges go with rice.

Unloading rice.


Work loggers.

Timber floating.


Construction of houses of teak.


Drying it.

Fishing village.

Tenassn Roman coast.

G. Mergun.

The streets of the city.

Turning shells craftsmen.

Oil fields near the mountains.

Magwe, in the middle reaches.


Oil production.

The construction of an oil refinery.

Reel №7

G. Mandolay.

The streets of the city, residents of the building.

Municipality, station, public hospital.

Construction of Buddhist library.

Workshop, manufacture statues of Buddhas.

Goldsmiths work.

Mahomuni pagoda.

Buddha statue.

Workshops for the minting of silver in Sagaing.

Filature to Mamie.

Textile School in Amarpure: class weaving, dyeing class.

School of the Arts in Mandalas.

Classes Percussion, Strings, sculpture, choreography.

Branch Rangoon University.

Student athletic field.

Burmese School, members of the movement "tits" in an orphanage for children reading books, nursing homes clean room.

Coffee plantation.

Watering of trees, harvesting, drying them.



Cigar factory.

The work shop.

Packing of the product.

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