The Central Studion Of Documentaries.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babushkin Ya.

Temporary description

Workers CSDF a feast day 25th anniversary studio. Cameramen CSDF: I. Kopalin, G. Guibert, S. Semenov, V. Frolenko, L. Varlamov, V. Dobronitsky, O. Reitman, Monglovsky Yu, B. Nebylitsky, A. Khavchin, L. Kotlyarenko, M. Oshurkov , M. Glider, W. Mikosha, E. Yatsun, A. Greek, Gusev, R. Halushakov, D. Caspian during the filming. State Award to employees CSDF: V. Baikov, I. Setkina, E. Svilova-Vertov, V. Kotov, P. Kasatkin, L. Pepper, L. Khmara and others. Film footage created for the 25th anniversary in the form of CSDF friendly cartoon. CSDF building. Photos of the oldest members of the studio.

Reel №1

Reel №2

Igor Bessarabov and Daniel Caspiy filmed in Argentina.

Couple in love on the banks of the Seine.

Pavel Rusanov shoots in the streets of Paris.

Reuben Glushakov films in Pakistan.


Film equipment on the trolley at the airport in India.

Evgeny Mukhin at the railway station in India.

Evgeny Mukhin and Malik Kayumov with locals in India.

Locals on elephants, cameramen shoot.

Newsreel 1945:

German city residents talking to Soviet cameraman.

Ruined Berlin.

Nicholas Viherev cameraman with the camera on the streets of Berlin.

Presentation of medals for combat service Anatoly Krylov and Yefim Lozovsky.

Presenting creative awards Gregory Guibert, Vladimir

Boikov, Vladimir Frolenko, Sergey Semenov, Ivan

Belyakov, Pavel Kasatkin, Irina Srpska, Elizabeth

Svilova-Vertov, Viktor Kotov, Gregory Shevyakova,

Lyubov Pepper, Claudia Kulagina Leonid Khmara,

Dmitry Ovsyannikov, Boris Zemtsovskomu, Catherine

Kopylova, Sergei Semenov.

Comic film for the anniversary CSDF:

Newsreel 30's.:

Studios in the building Likhov Lane.

Pictures studio employees on the stand - Panorama.

Screensavers newsreels CSDF.

The lobby of the building in the CSDF Likhov - employees studio buffet.

The staff in the corridors of the studio.

Turn into wiring.

Work in the editing room.

Signing documents.

Employees enter the building the studio.


Work for the editing table.

Boxes with film.

Fragment newsreel "Pioneer".

Newsreel of the 20's.

Speech by Dziga Vertov.

Vladimir Golovnya takes winter in a snowy field.

The Yak-3.

Men playing cards.

Children sit on the pot.

Hand cut a newspaper article.

Riders-Asians in hunting falcons.

Falcon attacks fox in the steppe.

Screening room CSDF, employees.

Working with film: women's hands - big plans.

Banquet, the staff at the table, toasts.

Sung by Yves Montand.