On the Sixth Continent.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Eshurin V.

Operators: Eshurin V., Shmakov N.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


About the work of scientific research stations in Antarctic.

Reel №1


The peace settlement.

Ship "Ob" in the sea.

On the bridge - captain IA Mans.

On board the ship - aircraft.


The ship - the aircraft.

"Ob" in ice.

To ship flying helicopters.

Unloading a ship.

Ship "cooperation."

Among the passengers: biologist Kirpichnikov, American meteorologist and professor Gordon Kartreyt comrade Shumsky.

Professor Shumsky and Gordon Kartreyt trained in climbing the steep walls.

Flying helicopter.

Ship "Ob".

"Cooperation" at the shore.

People go to the beach.

The peace settlement.

Home village.

House of the expedition Somov.

Som and Treshnikov talking.

Weather station.

Professor Cartwright at the weather station.

Soviet scientists and Professor Cartwright.


Construction of houses in the Peace.

Workers and engineers drawings.

Preparing traverse train.

Reel №2

Unloading electric ship "Lena".

People unload barrels of gasoline on the shore of the island Haswell.

The plane with the fuel goes to the station "Pioneer."

Aircraft in the air.

Landscapes (the plane).

Airplane pilot Lebedev, radioman Kuksin.

The plane is landing.

Unloading aircraft.

The peace settlement.

Unloading electric ship "Lena".

Part of the ruined ice barrier.

The coffins of the dead by a collapsing ice barrier on the ship.


Sending traverse train under the guidance of Professor Shumsky.


Is sledge-tractor train.

Researchers at work.

Blizzard sweeps.

Is sledge-tractor train.

Reel №3

Electric ship "Lena" in the sea.

Captain A. Winds lead ship.

Engine room.

Plane and a helicopter on board.

Forecasters are monitoring.

Unloading planes on the ice field.

Landing a group of scientists at the shelf Eymarn.


Winterers in tents.

Researchers at work.

Aircraft in the air.

Landscapes (the plane).

The plane is landing.

Researchers deplane.


Researchers on the shore.

Reel №4

Aircraft on board electric ship "Lena".

Ship at sea.

Landscapes (evening).

The people on the ship.


Helicopter with scientific equipment in the air.

At the head of the expedition aboard the "Lena" OA Barshchevsky.


New tent camps.

Geophysicist working - Sommer engineer and researcher W. Korzhev.

Helicopter in the air, gets on board.


Ship "Lena" in the sea.

Researchers at the instruments.

"Lena", moored to the iceberg.

Aircraft in the air.

On the plane: pilot Kaminsky, head of the detachment Pozharsky, the leading aerial photography.

Scott mountain (the plane).

Ship "Lena".


"Lena" is sent back.

Astronomer Barshai, geologists and hydrologists working.

Members of the expedition going, talking.