People's Movement ( Special Edition Of The Newsreel "Novosti Dnya" ["News Of The Day"]).. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Maryamov E.


About the movement for diversity of food products.

Historical background

Historical. Communist Party and Soviet government set to overtake the United States of America for the production of meat per capita.

Temporary description

Plots newsreel "News" show success in a number of collective farms and state farms of the Soviet Union in the development of animal husbandry in connection with the decision of the CPSU - to overtake the United States for the production of meat, milk and oil per capita. Duck Poultry farm "Timashevsky" Kuibyshev region. Director farm M. Vikent'ev and main livestock ZA Butorova - initiators of increasing the number of farmed ducks from 46 to 150 thousand. Leningrad scientist P. Sonic working on a new breed of chickens "Leningrad white." Poultry farms in the Leningrad region, which grows a new breed of chickens. Growing cattle farms: the October Revolution, Lenin, "Cervone field" (Moscow, Drohobych, Zaporizhia region) collective herd on pasture, veterinary inspection young. Flocks of sheep farms Zaporozhye, Tien Shan areas. Distilled shepherds of the flock of sheep on alpine pastures of Kyrgyzstan.

Reel №1

State Farm "Timashevsky" Kuibyshev region.

Duck farms.

Director farm YM Vikent'ev and main livestock ZA Butorova on a poultry farm.

Poultry farm poultry Leningrad stronghold.

Leningrad scientist PM Sopikov working.


Collective farm named after the October Revolution Ramenskoye district.


Grazing bulls.

Honored livestock AD Ivanov examines cow says (synchronously).

Lenin collective farm STRYIS'KYI district.

Pasture farm.

Contracting calves.

Talk to members of the cooperative farmers.

Artel "Cervone field" Zaporozhye region.

Weigh calves.

Calves on pasture.

Sheep graze.

Farm "Way Ilyich."

Livestock AM Chumachenko, senior shepherd TA Ivchenko inspected lamb.

Sheep on pasture.

Sheep shearing.

Kirghiz SSR.

High pastures.

Shepherds herding sheep.

Pass flocks.