Film-travel almanac № 249 (1990)

Newsreel №48624, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:38
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Mironov A.
Camera operators:Klimentjev A., Komolikov M.
Text authors:Viktorov V.


1. "Holiday in the land of Olonkho". 2. "Hypothesis confirmed." 3. Alaska, nome city. 4. "Geography of mercy".

Reel №1

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1. Holiday in the land of Olonkho.

Celebration of the peoples of the North in Yakutia.

Procession of representatives of the Arkhangelsk, Magadan, Yakut, Chita, Amur, Sakhalin, Tyumen, Kamchatka and other regions in national costumes.

Performances of folk ensembles (synchronously).

Re-enactment of the Bear festival.

Women decorate the bear's head with beads, scarf.

A wooden building with a sign "of the RSFSR, the Ministry of culture of the Yakut ASSR. A salt store was built in 1824, the Monument of architecture protected by the state".

A shaman performs a ritual dance.

Local residents talk with the participants of the holiday.

2. The hypothesis is confirmed.

Participants of the first Soviet-American expedition "Bering bridge" go on dog sleds, go skiing, cross the Bering Strait on motor boats.

Bering Strait (aerial survey).

Helicopter in the air.

The map, which shows the movement of the population of Chukotka and America during the Paleolithic period (according to the hypothesis of scientists, at that time instead of the Bering Strait there was an isthmus).

Bones of ancient animals on the shore.

Members of the expedition photographed the remains of animals, put the bones in boxes.

Mammoth tusk.

Member of the expedition examines the arrows found in Eastern Siberia and Alaska.

Stone arrow.

Chukotka mountains (aerial survey).

Rock paintings in the cave (photo).

Drawings, which depict the indigenous people of Alaska and Eastern Siberia.

Carving on mammoth Tusk.

Animal sculptures.

The same ornaments on the furs of the inhabitants of Alaska and Eastern Siberia.

The artist, a resident of Alaska shows a model boat, which was used by the indigenous people of Chukotka and Alaska.

Yakut with a tambourine on the shore.

View of the Bering Strait and port of Providence from the air.

Key words

Folk life.
Decorative-applied art.
Scientific relations.

Locations: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750] Siberia [926] Arctic [941]

Reel №2

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3. Alaska, Nome.

Dance of the shaman.

Map of Noma.

USA, the city of Nome on the Seward Peninsula.

Traffic on the street.

View of one of the streets.

Signs on buildings.

Gold digger at the mine (photo).

Dredge for gold mining.

Wooden plate with the inscription "Fort Davis".

Carved bust of man.

Locals on the street.

Passing bus.

The school building, next to the stand and lay the bikes.

Students in the classroom.

Students leave the school.

Elderly people talk, play in the recreation room of a boarding school for the elderly.

Elderly people in fur coats, decorated with folk ornaments, are on the street.

Carcasses of yukola (dried salmon) hang on a wooden frame in the yard.

Vegetables and fruits on the counter in the trading floor of the store.

The homes of car rides.

Exhibits: wooden sculptures of people and birds, ceremonial masks.

Photo portrait of a shaman.

Members of the expedition "Bering bridge" in Nome, near the Museum.


Alaska (aerial survey).

Dance of the shaman.

4. Geography of mercy.

Canada, views of Niagara falls.


Road sign with the inscription "Variety Village".

The complex is approached by bus, car.

Athlete Vicki Keith (Kate), who gave the earned $ 2.5 million to the disabled, stands near the lifeline with the inscription: "Vicki Keith".

Young people with disabilities leave the bus in wheelchairs.

The steps of the bus slowly descend together with wheelchairs.

People in wheelchairs playing with the ball in the hall.

Vicki Keith talks to children with disabilities.

Sculpture of parents with children in the Park, next to play kids.

The girl holds her mother's hand.

People in wheelchairs on the streets.

The boy unties the Shoe laces, the girl runs up and sits next.

The baby in the stroller.

Father takes the child in his arms from the stroller.

Girl in the Barber shop.

Parents with children in stores.

Woman with a girl away from the flower tent.

Ready-made bouquets.

Ottawa, on the lawn near the town hall sits a young man with a bunch of balls, next to him are posters prohibiting abortion.

The boy every 5 minutes by the sound of the Gong releases into the sky a red ball as a reminder of unborn children.

The sculptural group of dancing teenagers.

Key words

Road transport.
Urban transport.
Social security.
Specialized trade.
Protest actions.

Locations: USA [851] Canada [39]

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