Film-travel almanac № 251 (1991)

Newsreel №48625, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:08
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:G.Holjnij, V.Kipin, B.Goljdenblank, A.Pavlov, B.Slomyanskij (rezhissyor vipuska)
Camera operators:G.Holjnij, V.Kipin, Yu.Shuplyakov, A.Pavlov


Hanseatic free city; Peaks distant hills; House above the Oka; Like a phoenix from the ashes ...

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The first part.

1st plot.

GONZEYSKY free city.

Germany, of


Court at the pier.

Buskers perform on city streets (sinhr.).

Passers listen musicians.

Woman photographing musicians.

Passengers on the train station platform.

People descend on the escalator in the station building.

Street sale of clothing, flowers, souvenirs.

Taxis in the parking lot.

Type one of the streets.

Vehicular traffic.

People climb onto the bridge on the escalator.

Visitors sit at an outdoor cafe tables.

Puppeteer playing on the street in front of passers-by.

Passing buses.

City clock tower.

Young women with children on the street.

Street decorated with flags.

People stand in a queue to land on a pleasure boat.

Pleasure boats at the marina.

Passengers climb on the boat.

People pass by the bridge, decorated with flowers in pots.

Swans in the pond.

Girl reading a book on the street.


2nd story.

Peaks distant hills ...

Moscow region.

River, meadow, hills, forest in the territory of Klin-Dmitrov Ridge.

Man and boy on a scooter passing through a dilapidated bridge.

River wetland.

Reeds in the water.

A boy and a girl fish.

Fishermen in a boat on the river.

Boys on bicycles passing through the village street.

Wooden house with a mezzanine, decorated with carvings.

Another wooden house.

Geraniums on the window.

View of the monastery.


Man makes hay in the courtyard of the house.

Church buildings in scaffolding.

The second part.

Third plot.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

HOUSE OVER Oka-river.

State Memorial History, Art and Natural Museum-Reserve VDPolenov.

Rotating roller music box.

The interiors of the manor rooms, library, fireplace, wood in the fireplace, photos.

Painting, clay toys crafts, antique vases and others.

Collection of the artist Polenov.

View of the estate in the evening.

Type p.

Oki evening.

VDPolenov sketches for the painting "Christ and the Sinner".

View of the estate VDPolenov.

Photograf V.L.Polenova.

Type p.

Oka. 4th plot.

Phoenix Rising ...

Bryansk region ,. g.


Manor Tyutchevs.

The interior of one of the rooms.

The candle burns.

Photographic portraits of Tyutchev.

Bridge, a gazebo in the park in winter.

Frost on the glass.

Portraits FITyutchev in childhood and youth.

Books on the table.

FITyutchev manuscript.

Trees on a snowy hill.

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