Film-travel almanac № 264 (1993)

Newsreel №48634, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:46
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Zubarev D., Komolikov M., Kruglova L., Man V.
Camera operators:Demin V., Komolikov M., Ropejko V., Fedorov O.
Text authors:Tarnoruder L.
Other authors:Zubarev D., Komolikov M., Kruglova L.


1. "The blizzard is not covered his tracks." 2. "Kadomskogo studies." 3. "Spring of care." 4. "Lost in the mountains."

Reel №1

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1. Blizzard has not covered his tracks.


Museum of the History of the Norwegian polar expeditions.

The only exhibit - wooden motor sailing schooner "Fram".

Portrait of FV-Ya.


The rooms of the Museum of Nobel laureates in Oslo.

Old map.

View of the polar ice from a helicopter.

Scientists with cameras at the windows.

View of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land.

Panorama of the ocean from the shore of the island.

View of the helicopter stand.

The expedition goes in search of wintering Nansen and F.Ya.

Yohansena (Johansen).

People are reconciled with the diaries of explorer.

Campground, spring snowstorm.

Radio operators are trying to get in touch.

People are noisy, frightening the family of polar bears.

Bears escape.

They look at the drawings in the diary.

View of the slope with the specified coordinates.

People walk at the foot of the slope.

Scientists on the wintering grounds.

The bones of animals.

The photographer takes pictures.

Man with metal detector.

Screws in the log.

The operator removes the camera found old nails.

Men sawn timber.


People set up a memorial pillar.

The operator removes the members of the expedition around the post.

View from the shore to the memorial sign and the sea.

2. Kadomskogo sketches.

Tree branches against the sky.

View from the road to the church with a bell tower.

Shopping Arcade.


Street in Kadoma.

In the village passing truck.

Teenagers on bicycles.

People pass by the bus, the passengers sit in the bus.

Moksha River.

On shore there are people on the construction site drives a truck.

View of the bridge under construction.



The coat of arms of the city on a book page.

The stack of new barrels.

Coopers at work.

People pass by a metal fence.

Branches of trees in frost.

Dissolve: lace, views of the dome of the church.


Pages album lace patterns.

Kadoma lace makers working in the studio.

Alternation: finished work pieces patterns.

Dimitry of Rostov Cathedral with a bell tower.

Holy source.


View of the Cathedral.

Panorama of the city.

Locations: Norway [165] Russia [1] Ryazan region [799]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №2

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3. Spring care.

Voronezh State Nature Biosphere Reserve V.M.Peskova name.

Forest on the banks of the river, water reflections.

Birds circling above the trees with nests.

Birch Grove.

Blooming willow.

The buds on the branches of a bush.

Wild primroses.

The road in the woods.


Toad in the grass.

Anguis on the rocks.

Ural owl.

Green toad.

Crowns of pine trees.

Administrative building.

By the door of a car pulls up.

People at the museum.

The exhibits in showcases.

Forest River.

Average (river) otter.

Beaver dives into the water and swims.

Remains sgryzennyh beavers trees.

Reserve staff inspects trees and writing in a notebook.

The animal chews branch.

Courtship of beavers in the water near the shore.

A member of the reserve is in the woods.

Crowns of pine trees.


4. Lost in the mountains.

Mountain peaks of the Pamir.

Explorer check gear members of the expedition.

The expedition climbs into the mountains to the sources of the river Yagnob.

People cross the river.

River rapids.

Rock paintings.

Panorama of mountain peaks in the foreground stone placers.

Boulder grass.

Hut of stones.

Cabin inside.


At the entrance a wooden pole with an ornament.

A man prays.

People in the village church.

Wooden window frames and eaves, the wall under the eaves walled goat horns.

Carpets on the walls of the house.

An elderly woman embroiders.

Willing to cover.

Near the house is a pitcher.

Pottery on the rocks.

Villagers molded dishes without a potter's wheel.

Plowed field.


A woman sifts grains, sitting next to the child.

Woman collects grain in the bag.

Bag parked in the back of a donkey.

The mountain river.

Man chases pack donkeys, trail running children.


Miller collects in the bag of flour.

View of the village from the top, above the roofs of the smoke.

Woman gets out of focus prepared tortillas.

The shepherd drives the sheep between the huts.

Man shear a sheep.

Villagers are building a house.

Women with children in their arms.

The girls perform folk dances.

Woman rests on the bag.

Those children.

An expedition to the mountain trail.

River flows.

He flies a helicopter.

Mountain peaks, the view from the helicopter on the gorge.

Locations: Voronezh region [775] Lipetsk region [786] Tajikistan [215]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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