Burzhuyka XXI century.. (1989)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: S.Valov

Script writers: Valov S.

Operators: Yu.Klishev


Thinking about the film's mismanagement of the economy of the USSR.

Reel №1

The film tells about a portable, very economical stove and its creator - the inventor K.M.Maslove.

Directed studio "Tsentrnauchfilm" S.Valov at home tells about the plot of the film "burzhujki XXI Century" and the hero of the film - the inventor K.M.Maslove (synchronously).

People wait in line near the entrance to the store "Sausage".

People stand in line for a soap about street counter.

Rock band on the concert stage (synchronous).

Iron stove "burzhuyka" in the interior of a city apartment.

Wood burning in the stove.

K.M.Maslov inventor talks about his stove (synchronously). K.M.Maslov smokes fish fry meat pasties warms to his stove. K.M.Maslov on a picnic with friends next to the tent.

Book cover KM.

Maslova "Invent for others to enjoy." K.M.Maslov with assistants examines letters from readers. K.M.Maslov greenhouse inspects and weighs tomatoes grown on its own methodology.

Portable stove "Smoke." K.M.Maslov critically assesses the stove "Smokey", made at the "clearing Vyatskie" (synchronously).

Steel tanks storage tanks.

Pipelines in a trench.

Industrial district of


Smoke from the pipes metallurgical plant.

Shield with the inscription: "Welcome to twice ordenonosnogo Novokuznetsk."

Schoolchildren and teacher in gas masks are on the street.

Section of the pipeline transporting gas from Russia to Europe.

Newsreels: rocket at Baikonur before the start; fighter falls to the stadium and explode if dropped fighter pilot catapulted.

Key words

Ingenuity. State trade. Music. Rest of the urban population. Trunk pipeline transport. City. Economic ties. Astronautics. Luftwaffe troops. Catastrophe. Metallurgy. Engineering.