The Youth is taking Off.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Kassil L., Prok I.

Operators: Khavchin A., Khodyakov V.

Composers: Lvov-Kompaneets D.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Trifonov U.


On the international sports games youth on VI World Festival. Youth and Students in Moscow.

Historical background

In 1957 Moscow hosted the III World Youth sports games on the VI World Festival of Youth and Students.

Sporting events


Reel №1

Central Stadium.

VI Lenin.

Ceremonial parade.

Go athletes Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, China, New Zealand, Canada, France, etc.

Athletes perform exercises.

Athletes share icons.

Competitors are sent to the machine to the stadium, among them - B. Kutz, E. Zatopek (Czechoslovakia), A. Lawrence (Australia).

Moscow River.

Water buses go to the stadium.

Reel №2

Viewers are directed to the stadium.

The audience at the stadium.

Athletes correspondents.

The race of men by 10 thousand meters.

With: A. Zatopek, Chernyavsky (USSR), Desyatchikov (USSR), Lawrence (Australia), Bolotnikov (USSR).

Run Bolotnikov and Laurens.

Bolotnikov first to finish.

Competitions men shot put.

With: W. Hovsepian (USSR), J. Scoble (Czechoslovakia) wins I. Scoble.

W. Hovsepian congratulates Czech athlete.

Race Women's 100 meters.

M. Foyk wins (Poland).

Competition in the high jump.

With: Yuri Stepanov (USSR), Yu Yoshikawa (Japan), I. Seter (Romania), Vladimir Marjanovic (Yugoslavia), I. Kashkarov (USSR).

Height and take Kashkarov Yu Stepanov.

Weightlifting competition.

Chen Jing Cai (China) sets a new world record.

Reel №3

Weightlifting competition.

With: Mahguba Ali (Egypt), Goldsmith Williams (Jamaica), Marion Zielinski (Poland), Eugene Minaev (USSR).

The prize winners are: E. Minaev, M. Zielinski, A. Mahguba.

Streets festival in Moscow.

Athletes walk around Moscow.

Walking race.

Norman Reid (New Zealand), Giuseppe Dordoni (Italy), Antonas Mikenas (Lithuania), Leonid Spirin (USSR).

Antonas Mikenas and L. Spirin first enter the stadium.

Tennis tournament.

Played by Alfred Huber (Austria), Jiri Yavoreky (Czechoslovakia).

A. Huber won the gold medal.

Competition cyclists.

With: Boris Bebenin (USSR), Bradley (UK) and others.

BA wins Byabenin.

Moments competition.

Finish Vargashkin (USSR), Hops (Akad

Boxing events.

With: Alex Zasukhin (USSR), Alo Spinetti (Italy), Y. (Yugoslavia), rocker (USSR), J. Radonyak (USSR), Nick Link (Romania).

Reel №4

Freestyle wrestling.

With: Shigeo Okura (Japan), Roger Biel (France).

Japanese athlete wins.

Competition in archery for men.

Paavo wins Luoto (Finland).

Competition in archery among women.

With: Elishka Shafronkova (Czechoslovakia) and others.

Win prizes Czechoslovak athletes.

Chinese athletes play in the townships.


Meeting of the teams of France and Czechoslovakia.

Points a game.

The end of the match.

Teams leave the field.

Big sports arena.

Race Women's 800 meters.

With: Ursula Donat (Germany), Levitsky (USSR), and others.

Ursula wins Donat.


Participants: Vladimir Kuznetsov (USSR), Janusz Sidlo (Poland).

J. Sidlo wins.

On the podium champions: long jump - Henry Grabowski (Poland), the javelin - Inessa Jaunzeme (USSR) in the high jump - Yolanda Balazs (Romania), Gisela Kohler (GDR).

Women's race on 80-meter hurdles.

Ninel wins Eliseev (USSR).

Among the spectators - Secretary General of the Basketball Federation Jones, former world tennis Perry, British athlete Long.

Swimming competition.

With: Long, Ninel Krutov (USSR), Heidi Yong, Huang Botollya (Mexico), Gennady Galkin (USSR), Mikhail Chagba (USSR).

Michael Chagba wins, second place - Juan Botollya

Reel №5

Competition in diving for women.

With: R. Gorokhovskaya (Soviet Union), German athlete Waltraud Skrichek Tatiana Karakashyants (Soviet Union) and others.

Competition in the pole vault for men.

With: German athlete Manfred Preysscher, Vitaly Chernobay (USSR), and others.

Competition in marathon.

With: Franz Mihalich (Yugoslavia) and others.

F. Mihalich finish.

Competition in gymnastics.

Jerzy Iokel (Poland) performs floor exercise.

Speakers: Otto Kestalla (Finland), Yuri Titov (USSR), Akira Kono (Japan), Boris Shakhlin (USSR).

Competition in gymnastics for women.

Gymnast T. Lyuhina members of the Soviet team.

Speakers: Eva Bosakty (Czechoslovakia), Tamara Bogdanova (USSR), Keiko Tanaka (Japan), Larissa Latynina (USSR), Elena Lsushtyanu Teodoroski (Romania), T. Lyuhina (USSR).

L. Latynina (1st place), T. Lyuhina (2nd place).

Reel №6

Tanaka, Lyuhina other at the zoo.

Sings Olympic champion Ferreyroda Ademar Silva (synchronously).

Swim men's 200 meters.

Float: György Tumpek (Hungary) and Paul Pazdirek (Czechoslovakia).

Gyorgy Tumpek wins.

Pazdirek second place.

Men swim for 100 meters.

Float: Sorokin (USSR), Chin Lin Gu (China) and others.

First place is Sorokin, the second - Chin Lin Gu.

Women swim for 100 meters.

Float: Katalin Takacs (Hungary), Ulba Woog (USSR), and others.

Ulba Woog ranked first, Katalin Takacs - the second.

Men's freestyle swim for 400 meters.

German athlete becomes a champion Heinz Tsirold games.

Match on the water floor between Egypt and Great Britain teams.

Points a game.

The match ended with a score of 2: 2.

Race men 1500 meters.

Among the spectators - B. Kutz, A. Lawrence, T. Tyszkiewicz, N. Reid, D. McDonald.

Athletes preparing for the race.

Remove operators and photographers.

With: Rozhaveldi (Hungary), Valentin (Germany), Pippin (USSR), Sokolov (USSR).

First comes Jonas Pepin, the second - Sokolov.

Competition in the triple jump.

Olympic champion Da Silva rest before match.

Melbourne Stadium.

Athletes Da Silva, Shcherbakov (USSR), Einarsson (Iceland) at the event.

Competitors in Moscow: Einarsson, Shcherbakov, Kogake (Japan).

Jump: Kogake, Einarsson, Da Silva - MS.

Reel №7

Da Silva congratulated on his victory.

The first three places were: Da Silva, Einarsson, Shcherbakov.

The final meeting in basketball between the USSR and Hungary.

Points a game.

The team of Hungary.

Awarded to the winners of the Cup.

Captain of the women's team holds the USSR Cup - CU.

Football match between the USSR and Hungary.

Points a game.

Soviet team captain Victor Tsarev an honorary cup.

The final ceremonial parade of athletes.

Seeing athletes.

Farewell speeches are: E. Long (synchronous), E. Bosakova (synchronously), Tanaka (synchronously), Goldsmith (synchronously).

Athletes leave.