Over Taimyr sun.. (1980)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Zakrevskij Yu.

Script writers: Gurvich Yu.

Operators: Zotov N.


The film is about the Taimyr Peninsula, the development of the tundra, on how to reconcile the economic activity of people with the natural world.

Geography and Nature | Russian cities and regions | Ecology

Reel №1


Scientist at the table see the map with a magnifying glass.


Exhibits in the museum N.N.Urvantseva, the first house of Norilsk.

Portrait N.N.Urvantseva.

Ancient maps.

Photo of the first house of Norilsk.

View of the house.

A memorial plaque on the wall.

Modern Norilsk residents and vehicles on the streets.

View of the Mining and Metallurgical Combine.

The melting shop.

According to the mine are trailers.

Pours the molten metal.


The gas pipeline.

By rail freight train goes next passing trucks.

View of the port of Dudinka.

Herd of deer in a pasture.

Shepherd the flock disperses.

A man catches a deer.

Animals run past tents.

Rise hydroplane.

Panorama tundra and wetlands.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Pours the molten metal.

View of the structure of the plant.

Panoramas impoverished areas of tundra.

View of the tundra from the cockpit.

The shadow of the aircraft on the ground.

Tundra vegetation.


Steppe lemming.

Flowers tundra.

Socket carrier ordinary.

Trees, shrubs.

Scientist examines a branch.

The female on the nest of the carrier.

The bird flies, swarming chicks in the nest.

On the tundra terrain vehicle rides.

Lemming hiding in mounds.

Terrain tracked vehicle driver.

From under the rover tracks flying clods.

Disturbed soil.

Removes all-terrain vehicle.

Scientist examines a damaged ground.

Permafrost at the ruined soil (cut).

The stream formed by melt water.

Midges circling over the grass.

A man goes down into the ravine.

The caterpillar of the rover.

The remains of the skeleton of a deer.

Black and brown fox pulls the carcass of a bird.

Hunter climbs the steep bank.

Tractor ride in single file through the mud and dragging on the cable truck.

The helicopter in the sky.

Oil derrick.

Panoramas of the tundra.

Nestling runs on moss.

Scientist examining a bird's nest.

People are discussing the possibility of creating a reserve.

Map of Taimyr.

Putorana Plateau.

Waves lapping on the shore.

View from the shore of the lake on a wooded slope.

Shrub on stones.

The mountain river in the gorge.


Moss-covered boulders.

On the slope rises people.

View of the camp site, on the way there are people with backpacks, running towards the dog.

Housing camp sites, there are people on the balcony.

View of the mountains and the lake, the boat goes through the waves.

People on the deck.

Man looking through binoculars.

Bonfire on the beach.

Fishermen on the boat.

Panorama lake (shot from boat).

The boat floats.


Krasnoyarsk Territory

Reel №2

Map of Taimyr.

Mesopotamia fifths and Pura.

Gulls circling over the tundra.

Herds of deer.

Coot flying over the tundra.

Arctic fox.

Bird escapes.

Arctic fox sneaks into the jack.

The researchers photographed the tundra from the airplane.

Shooting deer running from the plane.

Photographer in the window.

The scientist wrote in the journal.

Panorama of the lake.

Man looks out the window.

District Logata rivers and Upper Taimyr.

Gulls in the sky.

Scientist in an airplane.

Panorama Mountain Byrranga.

Panorama tundra.

Tundra vegetation.

Forest Ary-Mas.

Meeting in the office.

Draft organization of the Taimyr Reserve.

Map of Taimyr.

View of the river, along the shore are people.

Forest View Ary-Mas.

People set the pointer warning.

Reserve Officer looking through binoculars.

View of the river.

Cones on a larch branches.

Grass near the water.

Mushroom Glade.


View on the tundra of the plane.

From aircraft endure pointer.

Plane in the tundra.

View of the lake.

Guillemots with chicks on the rocks.

Black and brown fox exploring coastal boulders.

Fox digs the ground.

Lemming in the grass.

Reserve staff studying mosses.

Bush lichen.

Woodward on the slope.

On the lake floats your boat.

The man pulls the boat to shore.

ATV blasts soil.


ATV stops at the sign, turns around and leaves.

Bush cloudberries.

The branches of dwarf trees.

The chicks in the nest.

Tundra flowers.

The grass is deer.

Seagull with chick.

Common murre.

Tundra flowers.

Mallard drakes in the lake.

A female mallard duck is selected on the shore, it shakes, waving his wings.


Red-breasted goose.

The seasonal migration of deer.

Alternation: deer cross the river, seagull in the sky, the dog, the scientists on the beach with binoculars.

A flock of seagulls.

Deer sprint onto the shore.

Panorama of tundra lakes.

Taimyr midnight.

On the lake swims powerboat.

Man in a life jacket.

Sunset over the lake.


Krasnoyarsk Territory