Odyssey Dmitry Ovtsyna. (1986)

Documentary №48752, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:56
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kuznecov V.
Screenwriters:Golubev G.
Camera operators:Sazonov Yu.


The film is dedicated to the traveler and pioneer Dmitry Ovtsyn, first researcher Priobskaya tundra and the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Tyumen north.

Fishing landscape, top view.

Deer running through the woods.


The shore of the Arctic Ocean.

Portrait D.L.Ovtsyna.

Biographical entries.

Sunset over the sea.

Figures ships of XVIII century.

The excitement of the sea.

Views of the ocean and old maps.

Panorama Tobolsk.

The Irtysh River.

Gulf of Ob.

View of the forest and the river from a helicopter.


Ice in the water.

Bell ship "Tobol".

Seagull in the sky.

The village of birch.

Picture: Prince AD Menshikov with his family in exile.

Sunset over the sea.

The interior of the farmhouse.


Seagulls circling among the rocks.

Ice in the water.

Icy ship's bell.

The ship goes through the ice.

Baby seals, Belka, on the shore.

Ice floes in the water.

Figures: the inhabitants of the tundra.

Stone sculptures on the beach.

Seagull in the sky.


Wooden idol in the forest.

Fish drying in the sun.

Reindeer team.

Drawings of lighthouses.

Reindeer sleigh in the tundra.

Bone figurines and candle on the table.

Reindeer sleigh in the tundra, reindeer herders camp.

Biographical entries.

Vasyugan swamps, top view.

The ship goes through the ice.

Polar bear.

The seal on the beach.

Ice in the ocean, the view from the top.


Seal looks out of the water.

Rocky shore with sparse vegetation.

Ocean waves.

Key words

2nd Kamchatka expedition.

Locations: Russia [1] Tyumen region [809] Tobolsk [901]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Toy ship.

Bank of the Yenisei.

Seagull in the sky.

Iron bars on the background of water.

Secret Chancellery building.

Figure: Torture in the square.

Bank of the river through the iron bars.

Picture: man in chains.

Sea of Okhotsk.

Portrait V.I.Beringa.

Waves lapping on the shore, seagulls circling the mountain on the background.

Biographical entries.

Field on the outskirts of the mountain.

Tempest in the sea, underwater swimming whales.

Views of the coast of Alaska.

Figure: American Indian.

Seal emerges from the water.

Otter in the water near the shore. "Russian penguin" lund.

Foamy trace on water, coastal cliffs.

Bell ship "Saint Peter".

Waves breaking on the reef.

Commander Islands, grave V.I.Beringa.

Birds fly over the sea.

Fur seal rookery.

Sockeye red.

Tundra vegetation.

The cannon from the ship "Saint Peter".

Archaeological finds.

Views of the ocean, the birds circling over the water and the mountains on the background.

Flags of the Russian Empire: naval and state.

Portrait D.L.Ovtsyna.

Vasyugan swamps, top view.

Work Tyumen oil.

View of the woods and waters of the Tyumen region.

Key words

The Northern Sea Route.

Locations: Russia [1] Siberia [926]

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