Get over yourself. (1989)

Documentary №48770, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:40
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Tomberg
Screenwriters:A. Kozak, V. Tomberg
Camera operators:A. Martincev


The film is about right for each to their own health.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In the field of yellow flowers boy runs.

Start running girls in short track

Athlete jumping in the water jumping in the pool.

Jump athlete in height, jumps bar.

Two women on a bench talking and smoking.

At the entrance a man sits down in the elevator, the other goes up the stairs.

Hockey match USSR team.

Photos of the Soviet forward Anatoly Firsov.

Interview Anatoly Firsov (synchronously) on children's sports.

Children are taught at the rink skating.

The guys compete on skis.

Classes at the gym, kids run around.

The boy with a racket on the court, trying to hit the ball.

Children play rugby team.

Mum feeds the child with a spoon.

Tatiana Muraveva Leafs fashion magazine, weighed up the stairs in the center of recovery.

The doctor measures the pressure of Tatiana.

The dining T. Muraveva taking food for breakfast, eats vegetable salad.

Employment of women with overweight charge on the balcony.

Fountains on the Strip.

In a chair sitting patients, the doctor in a white coat holds a session anger management.

Pedestrians and vehicles on the streets of Moscow.

Tatiana Muraveva, standing, riding the bus, doing gymnastic exercises for the legs.

Specialist teaching Muravevu do yourself a massage of the abdomen.

Therapeutic exercises group of women.

Muraveva practicing cycling and other sports medical devices.

The rider rides a horse, a dog running alongside.

River landscape, sky.

Poland by color, bee, grasshopper on a flower.

Magazine "Health" opens on paper with a photo

Svetoslav Fedorov.

Eye Microsurgery Center, Director Fedorov talking with doctors.

There is an operation, Fedorov microscope.

S.Fedorov riding a horse.

Key words

Physical Culture and Sports.


Firsov AV - Soviet hockey player, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. SN Fyodorov - Soviet and Russian ophthalmologist, Hero of Socialist Labor.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shop NLMK.

The building of the sports complex.

Room, where workers are engaged in physical exercise, boxing, pole.

The game of volleyball.

Men with.

Winter garden under a roof area of rest and relaxation.

Miniature fountain with a statue of an eagle.

Water treatments in the shower, in the bath in the pool with a waterfall.

The game of pool after a bath, the men in the sheets, painting depicts a naked woman in a bath.

The book "On paired Russian baths."

Square in Tallinn.

Photos about the bath in a magazine about the sauna.

Men in the sheets in the break room at bath.

Naked men in swimming trunks in the sauna, sit, lie, broom whip each other.

Pool after the sauna.

Lounge in the bath, the men in the sheets drink tea samovar on the table.

Valentin Dikul the circus juggling barbell, weights, metal balls.

Interview VI Dikulja (synchronously) on the attitude of people towards each other. B. Dikul deals with patients, people with disabilities.

Valentin Dikul takes on the circus arena, holding in the "bridge" to himself a pyramid of people and heavy weight of 900 pounds.

Father with baby in the pool.

Coach teaches gymnast exercises on uneven bars.

A group of women performing a dance with elements of aerobics.

Competition in the race on the water on a board with a sail, sailing boats.

Key words



Dikul VI - Russian circus performer, weightlifter, head of medical and rehabilitation center, People's Artist of Russia

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