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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Komarnickij S.

Script writers: Filimonov P.

Operators: Agapov B.


The film tells the physicist, Professor of Kharkov University Ya.E.Geguzine. In the text of the film fragments of the book Ya.E.Geguzina "Drop".

Science | Physics

Reel №1

The light is reflected in the falling water drops.

Reels of film.

Man takes the coil and charges in the projector.

Turn on the projector.

Demonstrates amateur film.


Ya.E.Geguzin lectures.

Students in the laboratory.


Pages of scientific articles.

A stack of books.

Man slaps his hand on the books.

Scientists hang in the hallway bench.

Ya.E.Geguzin teaches classes.

Ya.E.Geguzin in the corridors of the university.

Images from the daily work of students and university staff.

Rural landscape.



Water droplets on the branches.

The rain is falling.

Raindrops are falling in a puddle.

Drops on a tree branch.

Dew on the grass.

Rainbow in the sky.

The jets of the fountain.

Drops are shaking the glass.

Pulse filming: drops fall down.

The astronauts in weightlessness.

Cosmonaut shakes water from a glass.

Droplets floating in the air.

Astronauts observing the fluctuations of water in a large covered pot.

In weightlessness, floating Christmas tree.

Astronauts open the champagne.

Bottle Tree and other objects flying down the aisle.

Amateur film footage.

Ya.E.Geguzin with friends at the banquet table.

Alternating chronicles lectures Ya.E.Geguzina and falling into the water drops.

Ya.E.Geguzin aboard.

View from the water on the rocky shore.

The boat moors to the board.

Members of the expedition at the roadside.

Key words

Hydrodynamics of weightlessness


Geguzin YE - A physicist, a professor of Kharkov University.

Figures of science; Discoveries

Reel №2

Panorama of the Kremlin.

The rain is falling.

Rain pours park paths.

Trees behind the veil of rain.

Rainwater flows through the steps.

Raindrops are knocking on the puddle.

Panorama of the Kremlin.

Raindrops are falling in a puddle.

Falling drops in slow motion.

Amateur film footage.

Ya.E.Geguzin with the family on the street and at home.

Ya.E.Geguzin classes at the university.

Monument at the grave Ya.E.Geguzina.

Raindrops knock on a maple leaf.

The park is the rain and the sun is shining.





Figures of science